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When High Estrogen Levels Make You Depressed

            For men, high estrogen levels mean trouble. It can make you become testosterone-deficient, which means you can lose muscle mass and grow fat. It can also make you lose your sexual virility, and it […]

Depression Can Make You Age Faster

            We can all imagine how difficult it is to deal with depression. Major depressive disorder, as it is clinically called, can lead to various health, behavioral, and emotional problems. It can even cause erectile […] ... read more

What are the Effects of Soda?

Our food industry was revolutionized in the 19th century with the creation of Coco-Cola in 1886. From that time, numerous sodas have been created and are readily available in every market across the globe. Although […] ... read more

4 Testicular Disorders That Can Make You Infertile

Sperm production only happens in your testicles, so your fertility will naturally be affected if you have any testicular disorder. Moreover, your testicles are also responsible for synthesizing testosterone. And any testicular disorder that impairs […] ... read more

Foods That Can Help You Sleep Better

        Everyone knows that if you don’t get enough sleep, your physical health is probably going to deteriorate soon after. For example, if you’ve stayed up countless night’s binge watching your favorite […] ... read more
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