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Can Probiotics Help You Lose Weight?

Probiotics have been making headlines as the next big thing in nutrition and weight loss. Fans say they can revolutionize your health and help you lose stubborn fat, but others aren’t convinced. What are probiotics […]

Perspective: Long-Term Effects of Your Favorite Type of Exercise

Whether you do it to be healthy, to look trim, or because you love it, you probably have a favorite way to exercise. But how much do you know about the long-term effects, both positive […] ... read more

Reasons to Cut Back On Animal Products and Increase Your Plant Intake

Following a plant based diet is not necessarily healthy for you and many important nutrients come from animal products. However, cutting back on animal products might actually be a good idea because they are not […] ... read more

10 Easy Tips to Improve Your Stretching Experience

In fitness, many people start with an intense workout or physical activity like weight lifting or a long run on a treadmill. However, they fail to remember to do a warm-up or a stretch beforehand. […] ... read more
man who takes Progentra prevents low testosterone levels

Considering Testosterone Replacement Therapy? Here’s What You Need to Know

So you’ve finally hit your 40s. You’re still in great shape, your career is going very well, and you’re probably making more money than ever. You might even be married and have a family. Everything […] ... read more
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