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5 Important Facts Every Fitness Enthusiast Should Know

by Men's Healthy List Staff

When you’re just starting out in your fitness regimen, you might get confused about the conflicting beliefs associated with it. Though there are lots of fitness advice that work for others, there are also some that don’t. The best thing you can do is select the ones that work for you best in taking control of your health. You can start by learning from the experts who have better knowledge of health and fitness.

For this article, let’s learn from alternative medicine advocate and osteopathic physician Dr. Joseph Mercola in getting the facts about the right fitness practice. The information below will serve as the basis for your fitness workouts and get the maximum benefits from them.

Exercise helps counter the negative effects of aging.

There are myths that say exercise doesn’t counter the negative effects of aging. The truth is it does. When you exercise and move your body, you not only fight a sedentary lifestyle but prevent the onset of diseases associated with it.

A study was conducted on subjects who went through the transition between work and retirement, particularly those aged between 60 and 64. What the researchers found out was that those who did moderate to vigorous exercises had lower levels of cardiovascular disease risk.

Avoiding a sedentary lifestyle in old age is very important as older people are more susceptible to diseases linked with physical inactivity. Even if in old age, they can start doing physical activity because they’re never too old to begin an exercise program.

5 Important Facts Every Fitness Enthusiast Should KnowTheir training doesn’t have to be formal though. They can begin doing light exercises at home like gardening, walking, and stretching. Or they can also do some vigorous exercises like bicycling, dancing, and tennis with their friends to make the activity more fun.

So, if you or someone close to you is in an advanced age, encourage them to start working out and be healthy to slow down their aging process.

Age related weight gain is mostly linked to diet and activity level.

Contrary to popular beliefs, weight gain that comes with age has nothing to do with your metabolism. Rather, it has more to do with your diet and activity level. Your metabolism only stops from functioning well when there’s an inflammation due to some underlying health conditions.

Weight gain from chronic low level inflammation is often caused by the foods you consume. If you’re allergic to the foods you eat, your body identifies the food as a form of attack and counters it by circulating inflammatory molecules.

Other causes of inflammation include imbalances in your digestive tract and lifestyle choices such as over exercising, not getting enough rest and sleep, stress, and eating unhealthy foods.

A lot of people gain weight as they age. If you’re one of them, you may need to look closely at what causes you to gain those extra weights. If you feel you don’t eat well or don’t move too much, now is the best time to start a diet plan and have an exercise regimen that suits your age and physical limitations.

The best time to exercise depends solely on you.

Yes, the best time to exercise depends solely on you, on what’s convenient for you. Other people exercise in the morning because it works best for them. But there are also others who choose to exercise late in the afternoon.

To give you more light on this, let’s take a closer look at the best time of day where you can get the best benefits from your exercise.

Morning exercise.

According to research, exercising on an empty stomach helps you prevent weight gain and insulin resistance. It’s also a good companion to intermittent fasting.

The early time of day also gives you clarity of thinking and focus while you’re not yet facing the obligations of the day. And if your exercise involves being outdoors like walking, running or cycling, it gives you the added benefit of getting your dose of vitamin D.

Afternoon exercise.

Exercising in the afternoon helps you regulate your circadian rhythm. The circadian rhythm controls your body’s temperature, which is warmer in the afternoon than in the morning. This gives you better muscle performance and decreases the likelihood of injuries.

Another thing is, afternoon exercises help you push away the feeling of sluggishness that is commonly felt by almost anyone at midday.

Whichever time is more convenient for you, make sure it’s a time where you can maintain your exercise regimen on a regular basis.

You don’t turn fat into muscle when you exercise.

5 Important Facts Every Fitness Enthusiast Should KnowIf you workout to turn your fat into a muscle, you’re not getting the idea right. While some personal trainers and even doctors say that you burn fat during exercise and use it as fuel for energy or heat, physicist Ruben Meerman and biochemist Andrew Brown say this is an incorrect way of seeing it.

Fat and muscles are two different tissues. Fatty tissue is found under the skin and around the internal organs while muscle tissue is found throughout the body. In short, exercise doesn’t convert fat into muscles but reduces fat levels while increasing the muscle mass. There’s no conversion that’s taking place. The direct effect is only on the decrease of the fatty tissues and the increase of the muscle tissues.

Meerman and Brown calculated that the lungs are the primary excretory organ for fat. You lose weight by exhaling a large amount of fat in the form of carbon dioxide and excreting the remaining amount through bodily fluids.

You will regain your weight if you stop exercising even for a week.

There are times, especially during emergency situations, when you’re unable to get on with your exercise routines. The sad news is, your body will get out of shape as soon as you stop exercising for a week. That’s why you need to have enough determination and dedication to your fitness goals. This is the reason why people who used to be fit but failed to maintain their weight became much heavier than they were before they engaged in their own fitness program.

There are countless other myths and facts that revolve around the topic of losing weight. Before believing any of them make sure to check what the experts have to say.

The important thing is once you have the proper mindset in place, do what feels right for you. When things won’t turn out right, feel free to replace them with better ones. The internet is full of helpful ideas to guide you in your weight loss goals. Just never stop learning and moving and you’ll be well on your way to be as fit as you want to be.

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