5 Unusual Reasons You Can’t Cum

As a guy, there are few things better than orgasming. That feeling when you climax is a release of tension that rips through your whole body, sending shivers down your spine. With this in mind, there is nothing more frustrating than not being able to orgasm. Sometimes you know the reason. You could be drunk or maybe you’ve already masturbated too many times today. Other times, however, it is a mystery and this makes it even more annoying. Maybe there is a reason, and maybe you just don’t know it. Have a look at these suggestions as they may give you some clues.

Your medicine

Certain medications have side effects on your sexual performance. While they may be helping you to heal, they are affecting the processes that go into orgasms. The worst culprits for this are medications which help with anxiety and depression. Studies have shown that 30-70% of men using antidepressants have problems with their sexual performance. Although it is not clear why, it is likely to do with the relaxation effects of the drugs. Equally, a lot of blood pressure medications can mess with your ability to orgasm or get an erection. This is because medication of this type works on regulating the flow of blood. An erection needs a strong flow of blood and if this is being pumped equally around the body due to medication, you may find trouble getting hard.

Anxiety and depression

preview-full-ubThese kinds of mental health disorders have a strong impact on your ability to function. This is because they mentally unprepared you for the act. Being nervous in sex will make you lose an erection and anxiety and depression work the same way. They take the joy from sex as there is an issue with the balance of good hormones like dopamine and serotonin, making it hard for you to enjoy this simple act.

Poor diet

If you have a poor diet, you may be suffering from high cholesterol. This blocks the blood vessels in your body, which means that your circulation is stilted. As erections need a good flow of blood, you will have some trouble getting it there if the channels are blocked. You should consider eating fewer foods with bad fats in them and supplementing your diet with something like ‘Cholesterol Reducer 1000’.

Hard masturbation

Consider your masturbation technique. If you tend to grip your penis in a very strong manner, it will be difficult for you to enjoy regular sexual intercourse. While vaginas are strong, they can’t grip a penis in the same way your hand does, so you may feel you are not getting the sexual pleasure you usually enjoy. Try masturbating more softly as your body will adapt to this style, which will help you to enjoy the more tender embrace of a vagina.


'How can we repair our physical relationship?' (Photograph posed by models)If you are under a lot of stress in your life, the hormone known as cortisol is probably being produced at a high rate. Firstly, this stress hormone will affect your performance, as it reduces the amount of testosterone you can produce. This is vital to being able to come and therefore a lack of it will make the process more difficult.

If you are having trouble in the bedroom, it is likely an underlying cause such as one of these. Interestingly, many of the reasons refer to mental imbalances caused by hormonal effects. Try to do things that increase the happy hormones, and try to reduce stress in your life. Anxiety can be a real issue but be careful of the prescriptions you’re given.