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6 Kinds of Walking and How Beneficial They Are

by menshealthlist

Surely, you’re aware that walking is good for you. That is why fitness enthusiasts find ways to walk even if there are faster ways of reaching their destinations. Taking a walk can even spare you from living a life that is filled with health predicaments. It helps prevent chronic diseases such as diabetes, heart disease and stroke. The question is: are you walking enough to personally reap these health benefits to help you live well?

The recommended dosage for walking to make a significant difference in your health is 150 minutes per week, which means you have to walk for 30 minutes per day (if you choose to walk more on the weekdays). The amount of calories torched, of course, depends on your weight and the speed of your pace. It is also crucial to walk properly – take vigorous steps, keep your shoulders back, rock your arm, and never tilt your head. As you stride, allow your heels to dig into the ground first. Afterwards, let the pressure move towards the balls of your feet and lastly the toes.

Brisk walking

preview-full-shutterstock_514540603To brisk walk means to walk faster than strolling. It is also faster than walking at a moderate speed. This is the most typical form of walking both fitness enthusiasts and dieters use. Those who watch their weight will find brisk walking advantageous. It also helps fortify the heart and reduces the risk of diabetes.

Power treading

An improved version of brisk walking, this basically is all about doing faster paces with exaggerated swaying of the arm. It helps to torch fat, establish metabolism and increase energy levels.

Stairwell stride

This is perfect when you’re at work and you spend most of your time sitting on your desk. Instead of using the elevator, you can take the stairs instead when going out for lunch. Climbing up and down the stairwell is an excellent way to torch calories. It can actually burn 175-200 calories for an hour. Aside from being great in calorie-burning, it also helps tone main muscle groups. Just as long as you take a breather in between, you’re fine.

Uphill mount

Engaging in outdoor activities make the uphill climb more ideal as it helps in strengthening the calves, thighs and hamstring.

Treadmill walk

preview-full-shutterstock_270477641Being part of your cardio regimen, treadmill walk is for everyone. You can go with the pace that you find the most comfortable. It is also one of the most hassle-free forms of walking since you don’t need to worry about impediments in your trail.

Pool striding

It’s a good exercise as it removes the pressure and stress off your joints with water giving support. It’s particularly suitable for people who suffer from arthritis, back pain and osteoporosis. You can also opt to do this by the seashore with the magnificent view of the beach an extraordinary bon

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