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6 Ways What You Eat Could Be Affecting Your Sexual Wellbeing

by Men's Healthy List Staff
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A low sex drive, erectile dysfunction, ejaculatory issues, vaginal dryness – these are all sexual dysfunctions that can ruin the sex life of a person. Both men and women can experience a variety of problems in the bedroom, impairing their ability to thoroughly satisfy their partner’s sexual desires, and causing them to feel a knock in their self-esteem.

 There are many reasons why people suffer from sexual dysfunctions. Underlying medical concerns are often to blame – such as poor blood supply to the penis causing a man to experience weak or no erections. Sexual problems in men are also can be caused by depression, anxiety and other mental problems, but can also be due to an underlying physical condition.

One particular cause of poor sexual function that a lot of people tend to overlook lies within their diet. While there are some foods that can improve blood circulation, boost libido and provide a person with significantly higher energy levels, there are also foods that can have a negative impact on their overall sexual wellbeing. In this post, we’ll point out six ways a person’s diet can be messing with their sex life.

1. You’re Indulging In Sugar Too Much

Excessive sugar intake has been linked to many adverse health effects. According to Men’s Health, consuming too much sugar increases your risk of having a heart attack, it leads to acne breakouts, it causes excess fat to accumulate in your stomach region, it contributes to the development of kidney stones and it has a terrible effect on your teeth. Apart from sugar messing up your physical health, it is also important to note that sugar may have a significant adverse impact on your sex life. SheKnows explains that sugar can cause problems with microcirculation, lead to nerve damage and it is known to cause vaginal dryness is women. In addition to these effects that sugar has on your sex life, you should also know that sugar causes fatigue, which can impair your abilities in the bedroom even further.

2. You’re Eating Too Much Junk Food

too much junk foodJunk foods are filled with excessive amounts of processed food, refined oils, refined sugars and unhealthy saturated fats. All of these ingredients contribute to poor heart health, poor mental health and causes you to gain excess weight. The reduction in heart health leads to improper blood circulation, leading to weak erections, as well as fatigue during sexual intercourse. Since the brain plays an important role in sexual intercourse, poor mental health may also have a significant impact on arousal and sexual pleasure levels.

3. You’re Having Too Much Alcohol

Even though it is often recommended to have a glass of wine to help you get into mood and to relax before sexual intercourse, as stress and tension is known to contribute to poor sexual performance, it is important to know your limit. Having too much alcohol can have the opposite effect on your performance during sexual intercourse. Alcohol is known as a depressant and can lead to a low libido and, amongst men, may even have an adverse impact on testosterone levels.

4. Your Portions Are Too Large

We all know that food plays a crucial role in the maintenance of our body, but what we eat and how much we eat contributes to either positive or negative effects. Having too little food may lead to fatigue and make you run out of energy quickly. If you eat too much, on the other hand, you may experience stomach pain, gastrointestinal distress and you could end up crashing due to unstable blood glucose levels. These can contribute to a significant reduction in your abilities during sex.

5. You’re Not Having Enough Coffee

cup of morning joeCoffee is somewhat like alcohol when it comes to your sex life – too much coffee can have an adverse impact on your abilities, but if you know how to place a limit on your daily caffeine intake, it can have a positive impact on your sex life. Caffeine is known to contribute to improve blood circulation; thus this will help to improve blood flow to the penis in men and to the vagina amongst women. Men will experience better erections and women will experience heightened levels of pleasure during sex.

6. You’re Not Eating Enough Animal Products

Finally, this one is for the plant-eaters out there. While a vegan diet is known to have several positive effects to contribute to a person’s overall wellbeing, animal products still provide numerous benefits. Vegans are at a higher risk of suffering from a vitamin D and vitamin B12 deficiency, and their nitric oxide levels may not be as high as compared to those individuals who do eat meat. Nitric oxide has numerous benefits to contribute to a person’s sex life, such as harder erections amongst men.


Sex is not a pleasurable act for every single person who is sexually active. For some, it is rather an activity that causes them to experience depressive emotions, anxiety and a low self-esteem. Mental condition and physical health problems are not the only contributors to poor performance during sex. Including certain habits and foods in your daily diet can also have detrimental effects on your sexual performance. In this post, we discussed some habits that you should try to avoid when it comes to your diet, and explained how these habits and food options are ruining your sex life.

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