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7 Reasons Women Don’t Want to Have Anal Sex

by menshealthlist
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Have you ever wondered why most women automatically say no to anal sex? There are many reasons other than the obvious answer that they all give: “it hurts.” But, I bet men still ask, and I bet they wish the answer could be, “yes,” at least sometimes.

Before asking your lady to have anal sex, think about what you’re asking of her, and think about what kind of answers you could get from her. You want to make sure that asking or suggesting anal sex will be a good thing, not a bad thing.

So, what are the main reasons?

1. It’s Too Big

That’s right. Your penis is too big guys. Having a small sized penis pushed up there is painful enough, never mind any other shapes and forms of the male genitalia. So, if a lady is hesitant to stick your manhood up their anus, chances are, they don’t fancy anything entering their butt hole. To them, it’s supposed to be an exit only, nothing more.

2. Bleeding is Gross

wooden man figurine, anal sex positionWomen are afraid to stick your penis in that teeny tiny hole because they don’t want to bleed. Let’s face it, blood during any type of sex isn’t a turn on, hence why many people don’t have sex when the girl is on her period. Why is that? Because they’re ashamed. They think that if a few drops of blood shed from the hole, you guys will think they’re disgusting. This results in women being turned off, just because you’re turned off.

3. It’s Pointless

There is no point to anal sex, when it comes to women. They derive absolutely no pleasure from having it. Not one place in the anus or rectum has a pleasure sensor. So, if there is only room for one person to have that feel-good feeling, it’s pointless. Women would rather have normal intercourse for the clear purpose of both parties enjoying it.

4. Health Problems

It’s quite possible that a woman can develop health problems by having anal sex, or should I say, by having too much of it. It has been reported that women who have too much anal sex can’t control their anus. In other words, when it’s time to go number 2, they can’t hold it in for too long. And when they do end up going, it tends to just come out smoothly. This causes problems not only in the bedroom, but also in their day-to-day lives. Some women refuse anal sex for just this one reason.

5. Lack of Trust

woman crossing hands over butt, anal sex

There are psychological factors to women saying, “no,” to anal sex: their lack of trust. Women don’t want to let any guy shove their penis up their butt. Having such sex entails men to go slow and gentle while thrusting. If a woman doesn’t trust a man, they may think that that man could potentially go fast, in turn making them bleed while causing a great deal of pain. Even still, when women do trust a man, they must trust them entirely to allow anal sex to occur. Men get excited when they get ahold of a tight hole. They may lose control and want to go faster when it comes to the anal cavity. Trust is a must in anal sex.

6. Special Day

Women think that anal sex is a privilege that must be earned. Because of that, most gals like to make men hold out for a special day. Whether it be for an anniversary, a birthday, or a favorite holiday, women like to have men work for anal sex. It hurts women and makes them feel extremely uncomfortable, why not make the men wait to undergo such a time? But the real question is, is this just a way to keep avoiding the request of anal sex?

7. Droppings

And, of course, the most obvious of all the reasons. Women dread the pull-out moment. They didn’t want to consent to having anal sex in the first place, but they did. They hardly enjoyed the experience as much as the men, but they did it to make the man happy. He orgasms, she lays/sits there and waits for him to pull his penis out of her. What is her fear? Will there be droppings of shit on his penis or will there not be droppings of shit on his penis? And, will he be so utterly disgusted with her if there is droppings on his penis that he’ll not want to touch her for a long time? These are the thoughts running through a woman’s mind. Plus, it’s not sexy to either parties to have this happen.

So, there you have it. Reasons ranging from physical factors to psychological needs, and reasons ranging from empty promises to pointless actions, have determined why women do not want to have anal sex. It’s not just that the force of a penis up an anus hurts, it’s much more. And, not to mention the fact that the butt hole is a very, very dirty place (emphasis on the very). I mean, women shit out of that thing.

But, I get it. Men want to feel that tight hole around them. Add some lube, it’ll all be fine, right? Perhaps it’s possible to have anal sex without any of these reasons coming out of a woman’s mouth. Perhaps the right way to go about having such sex would be to go slow, make sure the lady trusts you, comfort her if blood or any other body fluid comes out, and assure her that none of it grosses you out so that the two of you can make the most of such a moment.

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