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A Review of the Product Raw Power XL

by menshealthlist

Raw Power XL Overview

Raw Power XL is a male enhancement supplement that claims to help you improve your sexual functions and overall performance. It also features a safe formulation thanks to its ingredients, which are mostly composed of food-based components.

According to its manufacturer, you can experience amazing sexual improvements with Raw Power XL after consuming one capsule in the morning and another capsule in the evening with your standard diet and workout regimen. Not only will you have greater erections and higher endurance, you will also have a larger penis, which your partner will surely appreciate – all these remarkable benefits with the use of a totally natural set of components, ensuring Raw Power XL’s safety.

What’s more is that its company claims Raw Power XL has the fullest capacity to help you regain your self-esteem. Since with better sexual performance, men are inclined to be more confident.

Product Mechanism

A Review of the Product Raw Power XLIt is said that the natural components present in Raw Power XL’s formula are capable of increasing testosterone production in the body. With higher testosterone levels, it is easier to grow muscles and satisfy your partner during sex. Basically, testosterone is also the hormone responsible for the development of manly features in men, such as facial and body hair, deep voice, strong muscles, and heightened libido. The bad news is that men can’t produce abundant testosterone forever. Starting in their 30s, their T levels start to decline, which results to unwarranted effects. This includes erectile dysfunction, mood swings, hair loss, exhaustion, reduced muscle mass, and lessened sex drive.

Given this, there are many supplements that claim to help with the issue of declining testosterone to maintain a healthy muscle mass and sex life. That’s what Raw Power XL is trying to prove.

Ingredient Profile

Epimedium (better known as Horny Goat Weed)
Wild Yam Extract
Boron Amino Acid Chelate
Saw Palmetto
Tongkat Ali

Generally, these components don’t have enough clinical evidence suggesting their effectiveness.

Adverse Reactions

A Review of the Product Raw Power XLThe good news is that these ingredients are widely considered as safe, so there aren’t any potential serious side effects associated with the use of Raw Power XL. However, WedMD said that consuming more than 20 mg of Boron daily may affect a man’s sterility. But we’re not told how much Boron is contained in Raw Power XL.


Raw Power XL can only be acquired through a 14-day free trial. Initially, you only need to pay for the shipping, which is $4.95, in order to get a bottle containing 60 capsules of Raw Power XL. Failure to cancel your free trial registration within 14 days will automatically charge your card for the full amount of the supplement, which is $85.95. You will also continue receiving a fresh supply of Raw Power XL every month. Hence, your credit card will be automatically billed $85.95 plus $4.95 for the shipping and handling each month.

To discontinue your enrollment to the free trial or the autoship plan, you need to reach out to their customer support at 877-516-7511. There’s also another phone number listed on their Terms and Conditions page, which is 866-884-5050. You can try both. Cancellation of the trial will not require you to return the bottle of the product. Moreover, the company also offers a 30-day refund policy, less shipping and handling. This is only applicable to unopened items.

Customer Reviews

Supplements like Raw Power XL don’t get a lot of positive feedbacks from users. Most complaints cite ineffectiveness, poor customer support, and the trouble customers get themselves into when they try to cancel their free trial or autoship plan enrollment and get refunds. This doesn’t mean that Raw Power XL will pretty much the same with many other male enhancement pills, but it’s important for customers to practice caution prior placing an order.


Raw Power XL touts to function as a solution to your lowering testosterone levels caused by many factors, primarily by aging. It guarantees to maintain your sexual capacity and your body’s mechanism to obtain lean muscle mass during training sessions. But, the ingredients in Raw Power XL don’t have enough scientific proof validating their efficacy. Nonetheless, they’re harmless. No severe adverse effects have been stated thus as of this writing. So, you can still try the product if you’re interested to see if it works for you. Remember to be careful of the autoship program linked to the purchase of Raw Power XL, though.

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