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A Review of Wellness Essentials: Is it Harmless and Efficient?

by menshealthlist

Produced by Metagenics, this dietary product intends to promote a complete set of nutrients for every user out there to provide them with their nutritional requirements. Wellness Essentials can guarantee to help you sustain your energy throughout the day and sustain your general well-being. As a dietary supplement, this product is ideal for people who long to have sustenance with their health.

Understanding How Wellness Essentials Function

preview-full-8dc02a_c68673e648754a7593b66cbfb5e1f6f5-mv2Essentially this supplement functions by enabling the cells in your body ask for higher levels of nutrients. This differs from dietary products that function by delivering nutrients from food. Thus, Wellness Essentials increases your desire for food and enables your body to assimilate added nutrients from the supplements. Moreover, Wellness Essentials is in the form of tablets, which makes it easy to ingest. It is also much easier to be absorbed by the body as it enters the blood stream. There are some people who are pointing out that how this product works is ineffective as the body will only stock up more food, but the creators are insisting that it is the stocked up nutrients that will be useful when source for nutrition becomes scarce. The point is, by taking Wellness Essentials you consistently deliver nutrients into the body even for longer durations.

What are the Components?

The components in this dietary product are as follows: calories, vitamins A B6 B12 C D E and K, niacin, riboflavin, thiamin, folate, biotin, pantonthenic acid, magnesium, zinc, selenium, copper, manganese, chromium, molybdenum, choline, inositol, lycopen, zeaxanthyn, lutein and resverastrol. In addition to these, there are permitted food flavors and colors, too.

Visibility of Results

Wellness Essentials is said to show visible results within three weeks. This is the usual time frame of many dietary supplements. On the other hand, even after just a week of taking this product your body will require more food consumption. But it’s not like any other appetite-booster products because Wellness Essentials manipulates your requirement for food and boosts your particular requirement for nutrition instead. So, there’s no possibility of overeating.

What are the Strengths?

There’s a boost in your appetite.

There’s an improvement in terms of food absorption.

There’s also augmented food storage functions.

The blood flow is improved thanks to high levels of vitamins.

What are the Weaknesses?

Due to the increased metabolic rates, this can trigger you to overfeed. This can also establish worse eating routine.

It heightens the risk for diseases.

Increased metabolic rates can also trigger intestinal problems, like ulcers and hyperacidity.

The high content of minerals can lead to adverse reactions.

Because Wellness Essentials is made as tablets, this makes the vitamins less potent that when they’re in their original conditions.

Safety Precautions and Health Warnings to Remember

preview-full-shutterstock_392510389It is important to maintain hydration while taking Wellness Essentials. Kids below 11 years can only take this supplement if prescribed by a doctor. Follow the suggested dose. Ask your physician prior to using, particularly when you’re sick or more likely to have intestinal ulcers and medical conditions that have something to do with the kidneys, liver, pancreas, heart and spleen. It is not ideal to use Wellness Essentials with medications unless of course it is allowed by your doctor. Important reminder: Wellness Essentials is not intended for diagnosing or treating medical problems. It is only a supplement for those who don’t have sufficient nutrients in the body. Thus, it is also crucial that you maintain a balanced diet and practice healthy living in general.

What are the Adverse Reactions?

The adverse effects associated with Wellness Essentials use are the following: body smell, stained teeth, skin rashes, stomach issues, heart burns, ulcers, and kidney/liver problems. Meanwhile, these adverse reactions can be prevented as long as you eat well and healthy to keep up with your increased metabolic rates.

Did Wellness Essentials Undergo Medical Research?

The company behind Wellness Essentials has conducted trials in their own labs. In addition, some other independent laboratories managed by universities have also conducted trials on this dietary supplement and it appears everything is fine, except of course for the numerous possible risks Wellness Essentials has.

What’s the Suggested Dosage and How Much does it Cost?

This dietary supplement is placed in packets inside its containers. Every container consists of 30 packets. The prescribed quantity for taking Wellness Essentials is one packet per day. You can choose to take the contents the packet in more than one intake or just take it altogether. A single container of Wellness Essentials can last for a month. After the 1-month period, you need to take a break for one week in order to avoid the likelihood of the body being overly dependent to the product. The cost of Wellness Essentials is $42 per container.

User Testimonials

If you want to see the feedbacks, they’re available on the Wellness Essentials official site. There may be reports that some feedbacks are not from real customers, but there are still independent websites like Amazon for more credible reviews. With this, we’ve learned that there are numerous criticisms against Wellness Essentials, mostly on the efficiency of this product in delivering health benefits.

Bottom Line

Wellness Essentials has both positive and negative features. There are concerns about the side effects it can cause, but it is also likely to take this supplement without encountering adverse reactions. Overall, we can still give Wellness Essentials the benefit of the doubt and still try it.


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