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Are You Aware of These 7 Things about Erections?

by Men's Healthy List Staff
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Every man wants to have a solid erection, and every woman wants a husband who can satisfy her in bed. Without a solid erection, you cannot expect to satisfy your partner in a bed. Even if every man wants a long-lasting erection, many men have problems with erection. According to the statistics, around 18 million American men are affected by erectile dysfunction. This provides us a rough idea of how many men are not being able to satisfy their women.

If you have a problem with not having a long-lasting erection, then you should discuss your problem with a doctor, as they can help you to solve your problem. Having a satisfying sex life can enhance your overall health. To have a wonderful sex life, you should have sex education. Getting sex education is not enough; you should always stay updated about the news and the research conducted on sexuality.

7 things you probably never knew about erections

Just knowing that erection means the hardened penis is not enough. It’s also important to know about various other things about erections. By now, you have basic knowledge about erection and erectile dysfunction. In this section of the article, you will know about seven things about erections that people are usually not aware of.

  1. Three kinds of erection

This fact may amaze you in many ways. How could there be three kinds of erection? Here is the answer to this question. Reflexogenic erections occur from actual contact; psychogenic erections occur from fantasy or audiovisual stimulation, and nocturnal erections occur at night. You don’t always want your penis to erect. However, the first two kinds of erections can occur at an unexpected time. This can sometimes be really embarrassing.

  1. Erection can be graded

It is easy to measure your height, weight, exam performance, but how to measure erection? It sounds really strange when someone says that erection can be measured. However, it is possible to measure your erection on a four-step scale. The concept of measuring erection was developed by scientists when they were testing the drug named Viagra. Here are the four grades of erection.

    • a wonderful surprise under the sheetsBigger penis, but not rigid
    • Erected, but not hard enough for penetrating
    • Not very solid, but firm enough for intercourse
    • Fully engorged

The method of measuring erection is called an erection hardness test.

  1. Men and women are equally sensitive

When it comes to the level of sensitivity to touch on genitals, both men and women are equally sensitive. Two separate studies were conducted to test the sensitivity. Cornel University was chosen for women, and the University of Michigan was chosen for men. They used a scientific device for measuring the level of sensitivity. According to their findings, the most sensitive area among men was the tip of the foreskin and the area underside of the penis. In the case of women, the most sensitive area was the inner labia.

They also found that both men and women responded to an equal level of touch.

  1. Smoking and drinking are not okay

There may be plenty of reasons for you to smoke and drink. You might feel quite good after a puff and a sip of a drink. However, if you want to enjoy in bed with your partner, you should consider giving up cigarettes and alcohol. Cigarette contains nicotine, which is an extremely addictive drug. Don’t even think that you can be an occasional smoker or something like that. Many people have successfully given up smoking, and you can do the same.

The study shows that smoking adversely impacts your erection function. You will definitely reap the benefits of quitting your smoking habit later.

  1. Bacteria on your penis

Your colon is full of various types of bacteria, and most of them are helpful. The tip of your penis also contains different bacteria, but those small critters could enhance your risk of HIV infection. The study shows that the risk of HIV infection is higher among uncircumcised men in comparison to circumcised men. It is because uncircumcised men contain more dangerous bacteria underneath their foreskin.

If you want to reduce the risk of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), the first thing to do is to use a condom. Also, search for ways to protect your private areas.

  1. Privacy matters

caught in the actThere is a reason why a couple prefers to choose a quiet place for their honeymoon. The sex location has an impact on your erection. If a guy is living with his parents or if he’s sharing a room with his friends, he might have a harder time to harden his penis. To have a solid erection, it’s better to choose a location for having sex carefully.

  1. Don’t compromise with your sleeping hours

Deprivation of sleep can lead to various adverse health conditions. Lack of sleep will not only reduce your libido, but it can also affect your erection function. If you have the habit of waking up late at night, then it is better to change your habit. Try to get at least 8 hours of sleep.


You must be surprised to know about these seven facts about erections. There is a chance that you may have known about some facts about erections listed in the above section of the article, but I’m pretty sure that you were not aware of all seven facts about erections. When we discuss erection with normal people, they just say that it is a hardening of the penis. Besides this fact, they would be hardly aware of extra facts about an erection.

Now that you have upgraded your knowledge on erection, you should probably discuss these things with your friends as well. It could be helpful to them. Like I’ve said before, you should consult a doctor if you have a problem with erection. In addition to consulting a doctor, you can also search for other ways to improve your erection.


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