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Best Beginner Exercises To Do At Home For A Fit And Healthy Body

by Men's Healthy List Staff
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For many people, going to the gym can be terrifying and intimidating. They do not want to be seen or judged when they are in their most vulnerable moment. As much as they want to have a fit and healthy body, the anxiety brought about by the thoughts of disapproving glances and critical whispers of others stops them from pursuing something that can greatly benefit them. Fortunately, getting fit and exercising are activities that you can still do outside gyms. You can stay home, all by yourself, and start an exercise routine that you are comfortable with to start your journey to health and fitness.

Below are some exercises that you and other beginners can try and do in the comforts of your own homes to get those six-pack abs ready for summer:


Do you have stairs at home or at work? Stay away from the elevator next time, and climb up and down those steps! Taking the stairs is an excellent cardio workout. It not only burns calories but also tones your thigh and leg muscles.

Because you are a beginner, it is okay to start slow, and stick to only a few rounds for 15 to 20 minutes a day. As you get used to the routine, you can try to speed up your pace, and perform more reps each day. Doing so gets your heart rate up more, forces your body to burn more calories, and improves your stamina better. In no time, you might find yourself running up and down effortlessly. Just remember to take a break for a minute or two to catch your breath, hydrate, and wear comfortable and sturdy footwear.

Weight lifting

Best Beginner Exercises To Do At Home For A Fit And Healthy BodyAre you tired of seeing your flabby arms and legs? Do these make you so self-conscious every time you wear tank tops or beach wear? You can tighten these muscles and achieve a slender physique by doing some weight lifting.

Using readily available items at home, such as your favorite novels, those one-gallon plastic water bottles, or even your beloved pet dog, you can effectively tone the muscles in your arms, legs, shoulders, thighs, back, and core. As a beginner, you are advised to start with something that weighs around five pounds, and, over time, you can just add more weight to increase the intensity level. Every day, you can perform various weight lifting routines, such as bicep curls, triceps extension, lateral raise, shoulder press, lying fly, and wide row, to build your muscle mass, stamina, and endurance.


Do you want a big chest that makes everyone’s head turn every time you take your shirt off? Push-ups are a great chest workout that you can do anywhere and do not call for any equipment. So, whether you live in a luxury mansion or a cheap studio apartment, you can perform as many as you can, any time of the day.

As soon as you take the position, i.e. you lower your entire body parallel to the floor, various muscle groups all over your body are immediately put to work. Your arms, shoulders, and back provide support as you move up and down, and your heart rate increases as it works harder to regulate oxygen and blood all throughout. As you are a beginner, It is not uncommon to fail to do more than 10 push-ups the first few times you try it. Just push yourself, and see the improvement over time.

Resistance bands

Does seeing the sculpted, Greek-god bodies of professional athletes make you feel terrible about yourself? Commonly used for different muscle and strength training exercises, resistance bands are a great exercise tool to have to get you started and introduce variety to your home exercise routine. Available in a wide range of shapes, sizes, and colors, they are elastic, easy-to-use, and versatile.

Even if you only have 15 to 30 minutes of your time per day to dedicate to health and fitness, you can go through several different kinds total-body workouts that can develop your muscles, and boost your stamina, endurance, flexibility, and strength. Some good resistance bands to include to your beginner workout routine are the band-pull apart, which is great for the upper back, chest, and triceps; the upright row, which targets the shoulder muscles; the lateral band walk, which works your hamstrings, glutes, quadriceps, and hips; and the plank jack, which is highly recommended if you want to have perfect abs and glutes.

Skipping rope

Best Beginner Exercises To Do At Home For A Fit And Healthy BodyAre you insecure of your chicken legs? For only a couple of bucks, you can get a good quality skipping rope that you can use for your home workout routine that targets your lower body, including your legs.

You can start with the basic jump, which is done by swinging the rope over your head, then jumping a few inches off the ground as soon as the rope comes down and reaches your feet, and then planting both your feet back on the ground. Repeat as many times as you can, or until you run out of breath. As you take a break, notice how much faster your heart beats the more times you jump. Eventually, you can try other jump styles, such as the alternate-foot jump, which is essentially the same as the basic jump except for the last part — you have to land on only one foot every rotation, alternating between your left and right feet.

Bodyweight squats

Have you completely given up on wearing fitted jeans because of your pancake butt? With bodyweight squats, you can build not only your hamstrings, calves, and quadriceps, but also your glutes.

For beginners, it is important to know the correct way to perform bodyweight squats to avoid injuries. You should place your feet about shoulder-width apart, and bend your knees as you lower your hips. Make sure that your heels stay flat on the ground, your stomach is tucked in, and your eyes are looking straight in front of you. With proper form and technique, you can easily do at least a hundred on a daily basis in no time, and enjoy increased strength, toned muscles, better hip mobility, and faster weight loss.

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