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Blue Zones: How to Live Longer than Average

by menshealthlist

Living until you’re in your 90s or 100s is on everyone’s minds these days. Nobody wants to die early, but nobody really knows how to increase the length of their lives.

These so-called blue zones are areas where people see a higher than average life expectancy, and there are a few key reasons why these areas consistently churn out extremely old humans.

So if you’re not even living in a blue zone, how can you live well into your 90s and 100s?

Japan, California, and Italy All Have Blue Zones

These areas are known for having the oldest people in the world. Researchers believe it’s due to a few key reasons, such as eating a diet high in fish, vegetables, beans, and fruit.

All of these foods contain unbelievable nutrients that your body can’t get enough of.

By eating these foods all the time, your body is able to obtain key nutrients and necessary body-building components to keep your organs in amazing condition.

But that’s not the only reason why these areas have people living so long. The next best reason is less stress, more sleep, and a generally more active lifestyle.

These areas have people who often need to walk to their destinations, and many people don’t even own cars. And because these areas contain towns that are very peaceful and laid-back, there is little to no stress to be found here.

Plus, because you’re not really having a need to work hard, you can sleep a bit more than average.

All of this adds up to an increase in life expectancy!

There’s no magic. Just eat right, sleep more, and be more active 6-7 days per week. It’s been noted that simply working out 4 times per week doesn’t have the same effect as walking around everywhere each day. So take that into consideration.

How can you live longer, too?

Being more active and eating right are both very important, but you also need to have a good supplement by your side to kick your immune system in gear and keep your essential organs running at maximum strength.

We recommend a product called Ultimate Man Once a Day to keep your body in great shape. While you’ll still need to exercise and keep your body in good condition, this product will be your #1 component for keeping your health intact.


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