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Can CBD Oil Treat Tinnitus?

by Michael Douglas
CBD oil and hemp

Tinnitus is a hearing condition that occurs when a person experiences malfunctioning of the ear hairs. This happens under several conditions. Periods of some medical conditions, aging, and exposure to loud sounds can damage your inner ear receptors.

A person keeps on hearing sounds inside the ear that are non-auditory. The noises vary in pitch and intensity. As such, it occurs mostly during quiet times and at night when going to sleep.

There is not yet a conventional medication that can reverse this condition. In most cases, people take the medicines for alleviating the manifestations. CBD oil is one effective way of mitigating and treating the condition. Though there are few medical sanctions on this, more people appreciate the effects of this oil.

CBD oil is an extract of the cannabis plant that has soothing medicinal properties for managing many ailments. Today we will look into how it works on people with tinnitus.

CBD Oil on Tinnitus


Relieves Stress

man suffers ear painAnxiety is the defining thing in the manifestation of tinnitus. The constant buzzing, hissing, and whistling sounds cause stress and irritability in your ear. It can lead to a loss of concentration in what you are doing. This exposes your nerves to stress and undue pressure.

CBD oil has anti-stress properties that calm your nerves and relieves you from your anxiety. Since government regulation on this remedy is not yet out, it is vital to research and discuss it out with your doctor.

Most products come in with their dosage recommendations. But it is still prudent to maintain your dosage as your response could be different.


The endocannabinoid system contains body receptors in your body. They help send nerve signals around the body. The system is responsible for dealing with all the inflammation in the body. Itching in the ear is a significant problem in tinnitus.

When your ear has clogging due to wax or experiences irritation, your receptors relay an itching effect. CBD oil is potent in soothing the receptors to relax and mitigate the problem. It works on the inner ear in the same manner; it relieves inflammation on the skin and other body parts.

Brain Muscle Coordination

Epidiolex is a CBD oil variant under regulation in the US for managing epileptic seizures. It has a primary role in calming and coordinating the body muscles and the brain. Because of that, many other people are taking CBD oil to treat the defective temporomandibular joint. This is the connection where the jaw hinges to the skull.

As in seizures, the nerve muscles around the joint jaw record a distortion of signals from the brain. Eventually, it affects the ear nerves lying above the joint. Any delay in managing this can result in severe infections and even deafness.

Works on Pain

Anxiety causes headaches and migraines in some people. The same is evident in tinnitus. When you have a period of consistent whistling and other sounds in your ear, you develop pain in the inner ear. This causes discomfort in your ear, nose, and throat system. A suitable dosage of CBD can help manage the pain in the inner ear and adjacent organs.


The irritating sounds in the ear are more common during the time you want to sleep. Lack of sleep induces a lot of fatigue in the body. There is Scientific proof that cannabidiol is one of the effective therapies for fighting fatigue and inducing sleep.

CBD oil regulates and manages your fatigue. It is under this feature that most people are moving closer to the cannabis extract for relief.

On Sleep Disorder

In some cases, ear inflammations may trigger insomnia. This condition causes a chronic inability to sleep. Positive feedback is coming from various sources that cannabidiols are effective in treating and relaxing nerves. This, in turn, regulates your sleep to normal as in a regular person.

high blood pressureUnderlying Disorders

Most medical practitioners believe that tinnitus can be a manifestation of another underlying medical condition. Some of the disorders that might affect the ear are thyroid disorders, high blood pressure, and traumatic nerve damage.

In their respective disorders, CBD oil can manage the manifestation well. This proves that when you handle the medical conditions properly, the effects of tinnitus will subside and die out.

Side Effects on Tinnitus

The worrying trend that needs addressing is the haphazard usage of the CBD oil in self-medication. Some products are in the market and contain other additives. It is prudent to have your thorough research on the products before you decide on one.

Some carrier oils may be reactive to your current medication or body hormones. Over-the-counter remedies can be helpful and detrimental at the same time. You need to exercise the utmost discipline in this aspect.

Likewise, you need to have an expert opinion from your doctor about your condition. People respond differently to various therapies. Not every situation needs extra natural remedies per se. But the addition to your treatment will help you move out of the dependency on conventional medication.

Like with any substance, you need to evaluate your response to the dosage as you gradually increase it with your doctor’s recommendation.


The debate between proponents and skeptics of CBD oil on various conditions is still vibrant in medical circles. Cannabis and its related products have been in medicinal use for centuries. In traditional cultures, herbs are the primary source of home remedies.

Indeed, the medical advantages of CBD oil on tinnitus and other conditions are immense. Similarly, there is an urgent need to have stringent regulations on the production and distribution of this oil.

As most medical practitioners in research and lawmakers remain skeptical of CBD oil, many citizens continue missing out on the therapeutic properties of cannabidiol.


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