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Can Raspberries Really Help With Weight Loss?

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Can Raspberries Really Help With Weight Loss?

Raspberry Ketone Product Review


When fitness expert Lisa Lynn was a guest on Dr. Oz’s talk show, she brought to light this new health fad, Raspberry Ketone. This supplement has been around for a long time, but it wasn’t until this episode aired that this product started flying off the shelves. Does it really work though?There is a lot of scientific support for certain properties of the raspberry that have been revealed over time. The one MAJOR issue with research surrounding the raspberry is this: it has never been tested on real humans. For this reason it is impossible to calculate the proper dosage necessary for people of different heights and weights.There is also no substantive research or clinical trials that prove it is an effective appetite. Many chalk this up to a placebo effect.

The Science Behind the Supplement

Weight loss supplement

Capsaicin, similar to the molecular compound found in hot peppers that help rev up spicy food lovers’ metabolisms are not the only naturally occurring metabolic boosters. Raspberries have similar properties that breakdown fat by releasing more adiponectin. What is adiponectin? It is a hormone that regulates fat. Thinner people have higher levels than those who are over weight.Supplement companies have guessed that since they hold similar properties they must be effective administered as an extract. While the supplement is not necessarily harmful, it may just be ineffective because it was not designed correctly or given in the right dosage to actually be effective.

Advantages of Raspberry Ketone…

  1. It can’t hurt

That’s right, it is just a fruit extract. It is the literal equivalent to eating a lot of raspberries

  1. No known side effects

There have been no negative side effects minor or otherwise reported

  1. All-natural

A good all natural solution that is safe

  1. Some scientific support

While there are no clinical trials or human studies conducted, there is similar molecular        structures that support the RK’s ability to stoke that metabolic fire within.


  1. Not enough studies

There needs to be a lot more research done before company claims can really be taken seriously by consumers and reviewers.

  1. Not a proven appetite suppressant

There is little to no evidence to support that it works as anything, but maybe a metabolism booster

  1. Without cutting calories and exercise it would be really hard to see a difference
  2. Dosage issues

The manufacturers have based the dosage off of a really broad guess, it could be too little to even be effective at all.

Should you buy Raspberry Ketone?

If you have money to throw away, sure buy Raspberry Ketone. If you are really looking to lose weight it is probably best to just bite the bullet and hit the gym. Raspberry Ketone has worked for some users, but there is no way to prove that it wasn’t the diet and exercise plan they were on that really helped them lose the weight. Try some Raspberry Ketone and see if it works for you, or until then sit tight for more clinical trials surface.

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