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CEO Answers Controversial Questions about Male UltraCore

by Michael Douglas



Male UltraCore is reported to be the #1 male performance-enhancing supplement in the United States, and being at the popular brand a target for controversies. For this interview, we sat down with the owner and CEO of UltraCore Supplements, the company that manufactures and distributes Male UltraCore. We asked him the hardest-hitting questions about Male UltraCore.

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MHL: We’ve read online that testosterone supplements do not work. What can you say about those who think that your supplements are ineffective?


CEO: I can’t blame them if they think that way, but supplement technology has progressed a lot over the last 10 years. We’re now seeing products that we thought were not possible, and Male UltraCore is a great example of that. You see, there’s plenty of research that prove the effectiveness of certain ingredients in improving male performance, specifically testosterone and blood flow, and we used that information as the starting point for our research. 10 years ago, so-called testosterone boosters were grossly ineffective, and perhaps that’s the reason why they have that opinion, but it’s 2020 – we have created amazing products over the last 10 years that changed the way we think about supplements. Male UltraCore is scientifically-verified to be effective in enhancing testosterone production, retention, and male performance.


MHL: Some comments suggest that membership-based products are all scams. Male UltraCore is a membership-based product. What can you say about those that think Male UltraCore is a scam?


CEO Answers Controversial Questions about Male UltraCore



CEO: Historically speaking, membership-based products are indeed scams. I won’t hide that fact from you. But the difference with Male UltraCore is that we make sure that our customers understand that Male UltraCore is a membership-based product – and here’s why. Other brands offer bulk purchases that cost $350 or higher, on a single payment, to give customers a lower price per bottle. It’s cheaper by the dozen – everyone knows that, right? But the problem with that concept is that customers would have supplements in storage, who knows how long before they use them. Supplements aren’t known for having the best shelf life, and it’s the reason why we prefer sending our customers a fresh batch of Male UltraCore every month. That way, our customers enjoy more than the per-bottle discount they get from bulk purchases, and this gives them the freedom to opt-out anytime they want without any penalties or charges. That’s a win-win for me.


MHL: You’ve spoken out a lot about TRT. Some people say that you’re only discussing the risks of TRT to sell Male UltraCore. What do you have to say about those comments?


CEO: It’s the truth. TRT does more harm than good to your body. Testosterone replacement should only be considered if you have hypogonadism, the medical condition that the drug was designed for. No one should take TRT when their testosterone levels are within the normal range, because it shuts down your body’s ability to produce testosterone. Even doctors will tell you this, but unfortunately, many doctors don’t stress is well enough for their patients to understand the risks they are asking them to take. It’s not for everyone, and if you’re eyeing TRT to improve your performance, you’re better off with real testosterone-boosting supplements which are far less risky than TRT.


MHL: We’ve read comments comparing your supplements with other brands that offer instant results. You’ve mentioned it many times that it may take a while for your customers to experience the results they get from Male UltraCore. What can you say about those comments?



CEO: it indeed takes a while for our customers to experience a significant improvement in their performance when they take Male UltraCore, but that’s just the natural course of taking a supplement. No one takes a weight loss pill and instantly looks slim the following day. The same thing happens with Male UltraCore. The body changes from within, and it takes a while for men to see those changes in the mirror, but that doesn’t mean that the product is ineffective or substandard. We’ve optimized our formula to produce the fastest results possible with oral supplements. I’ve seen many “instant results” products and I can only tell you that these products are exaggerating, or they are laced with illegal compounds that shouldn’t be there.


MHL: Some reports say that Male UltraCore is not FDA approved, and therefore it is not safe. What can you say about these reports?


CEO Answers Controversial Questions about Male UltraCore

CEO: Male UltraCore, just like any other supplement product, is not approved by the FDA, for the simple reason that the FDA has no mandate in regulating dietary products. Supplements are not considered drugs or medicine, which are taken by patients to cure a disease, so no supplement will ever have FDA approval. However, Male UltraCore is 100% FDA compliant. We completely follow the guidelines set forth by the FDA. There are plenty of other testosterone products that were banned by the FDA for failing to meet the FDA’s compliance, and these products can be found on the FDA’s tainted supplements page.


MHL: We’ve seen ads saying that Male UltraCore is a sexual enhancement product, we also see ads promoting Male UltraCore as a performance-enhancing supplement. What does Male UltraCore really do for your customers?


CEO: Great question. Our unique formula caters to different kinds of consumers. We have older men who are experiencing age-related testosterone decline, we also have adult men who want to improve their physique, and we also have men who want better sexual performance. Male UltraCore has the all-in-one formula that caters to these customers’ every need. Increased testosterone helps older men regain their youthful vigor, it also helps build lean muscle, and obviously, testosterone helps with your libido and sex life. Vasodilators help reduce blood pressure in older men, it also helps improve nutrient delivery and muscle pump for men who are into workouts, and vasodilation helps improve the blood flow to the male organ, which boosts erection quality. Now, is it possible to have everything in one formula? Absolutely. We cater to a diverse group of customers, and everyone is pleased and satisfied with the results they got from Male UltraCore.



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