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Consume Eggs: Know the 10 Surprising Health Benefits of Adding Eggs to Your Breakfast

by Men's Healthy List Staff
Egg Is An Awesome Healthy Option For Breakfast! Here Is Why!

An egg is a part of a person’s daily diet in many different parts of the world. Eggs can be used in many different ways, according to the taste and preference of the people. You can easily get the recipe on how to prepare eggs in numerous ways.

According to the report, the per capita consumption of eggs amounted to more than 265 in 2017, and this no. is still in an increasing trend. It’s a good thing. There are mixed views regarding the consumption of eggs. However, it’s already proven that eggs are healthy and it’s recommended that you add eggs to your breakfast. Eggs are also considered as one of the best anti-inflammatory foods. In this article, we will reveal the top 10 surprising health benefits of adding eggs to daily breakfast.

10 Surprising Health Benefits of Consuming Eggs in Your Breakfast

Now that I’ve said it’s already proven that consuming eggs in breakfast, let’s check out the ten surprising health benefits of adding eggs to daily breakfast.

  1. Tons of essential nutrients

Consume Eggs: Know the 10 Surprising Health Benefits of Adding Eggs to Your BreakfastOne of the ways to judge the food is by checking its nutrients. Talking about eggs, it has tons of essential nutrients that are needed by our bodies to perform well, such as vitamins (A, B, B12, B6, K), zinc, calcium, phosphorous, and so on. According to the study, eggs can also help people fight skin hyperpigmentation, which is a very common skin problem seen among people all over the world.

  1. Enhances brain health

In order to be a healthy person, one must focus on both physical and mental health. Eggs are full of essential nutrients, which make it beneficial for both physical and mental health. Choline is one of the most important nutrients found in eggs, which is extremely important for proper brain growth and function.

Choline has been associated with the promotion of thinking and memory skills. This nutrient is essential for the healthy growth of the fetus in the newborn baby. Just two eggs per day offer nearly 30% choline requirement for pregnant women.

  1. Guard your bones

Eggs are one of the primary sources of vitamin D. This nutrient plays an important role in the digestion of calcium, which is essential for maximizing bone health. Consuming hard-boiled eggs provide vitamin D to enhance the strength of teeth and bones.

Furthermore, vitamin D also controls the level of calcium in the body. This is needed for maintaining the strength and structure of bones.

  1. Raise the good cholesterol

Not all types of cholesterol are bad for the body. The HDL (high-density lipoprotein) is known as good cholesterol that is necessary for the body. Consuming eggs enhance the level of HDL in the body.

The people with a higher level of HLD in the body have a lower risk of heart diseases, which is a serious health problem all over the world. There was a study to find the link between the consumption of eggs and the level of HDL.  The result has shown that consuming two eggs per day for six straight weeks increased the level of HDL by 10%.

  1. Lowers bad cholesterol

The consumption of eggs not only raises the level of HDL, but it also lowers the level of bad cholesterol in the body. Consuming eggs on a regular basis lowers the level of LDL (low-density lipoprotein) in the body.

If you manage to lower the level of LDL in the body, the risk of heart diseases significantly decreases.

  1. Improves your eyesight

Eyes are extremely important organs, as they help us observe the beauty of the world. As a person gets older, their eyes start to get weaker. Egg yolks are rich in lutein and zeaxanthin, which are helpful antioxidants.

These are antioxidants that help in reducing the risk of macular degeneration and cataracts. Furthermore, eggs also contain vitamin A, which is beneficial for promoting eye health.

  1. Enhances healthy hair

The seventh benefit of adding eggs to your breakfast is that it promotes healthy hair. Eggs are rich in sulfur-containing amino acids along with other minerals and vitamins. These nutrients enhance healthy hair and nails. Those people who are lacking nutrients, such as vitamin A, vitamin B12, zinc, sulfur have the problem of unhealthy hair. So, consume eggs on a regular basis for improving your hair health.

  1. Promotes weight loss

Consume Eggs: Know the 10 Surprising Health Benefits of Adding Eggs to Your BreakfastThe problem of obesity is quite common in the United States. According to the statistic, more than 2 out of 3 Americans are either overweight or obese. Consuming eggs early in the morning help you keep satiated. The people who consume eggs are more likely to lose weight in comparison to those who consume junk foods, as eggs are high in protein, which keep a person full for a longer period of time.

  1. Enhance daily performance

Eggs help in keeping a person full and satisfied for a longer period of time. A person gets high-quality protein along with different types of vitamins, which help in enhancing the daily  performance of a person.

  1. Prevents iron deficiency

The people with iron deficiency suffer from various adverse health conditions, such as headaches, irritability, low energy, and so on. Eggs are dense in iron, which helps in fulfilling the requirement of iron in the body.

Final Thoughts

It’s true that there are tons of health benefits of consuming eggs on breakfast; it’s also true that eating too many eggs is not healthy. According to the health professionals, it’s safe to consume three eggs per day for the majority of the people to get the maximum health benefits. However, a diabetic person should limit the consumption of eggs.

Test your present health condition and consume eggs as per your need. Also, conduct separate research on egg whites and egg yolks. No matter what people say, eggs are healthy, and it’s scientifically proven. Add eggs to your everyday breakfast and enhance your overall health.

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