Controlled Labs Blue Up: What does it do?

It may have occurred to you that you are experiencing a substantial lack of energy and motivation. This might be in everyday life and also within your romantic relationship. ‘Getting old’ is not a decent enough explanation – here’s what happens . . .

When a man reaches between the ages of thirty and thirty five, their body starts to change. Testosterone levels begin to decrease and this damages important aspects of our health and life.

So! Supplements have been carefully designed to help you avoid and prevent symptoms like erectile dysfunction and we are here to explain which products are best for the job!

The purpose of the product

Blue Up promises to increase testosterone levels. The benefits of the male hormone are immediately noticeable with several aspects of health including strength, endurance, and energy while providing a quick workout recovery.

If you want to improve your sex drive you will have to consider increasing your testosterone.

Muscle building is also another aspect that requires a higher level of testosterone.


Controlled Labs Blue Up - Ingredients

Within this supplement you will find: Avena Sativa, Tribulus Terrestris, Eurycoma Longifolia, Yohimbe Bark Extract and Caffeine.

The component that best assist the libido is Avena Sativa. By increasing the testosterone, the sex drive is highly affected. As this works well you have Tribulus Terrestris to increase potency of sperm and fertility.

The only problem is, for those who are sensitive to stimulants. Because Caffeine is an ingredient within this formula, there could be possible side effects that could be avoided if you were to opt for stimulant-free products.

Yohimbe has also known to cause dodgy side effects to those who are not careful with their dosage.


The price of sixty items in one bottle is, indeed, very fair at just $20.42. This amount should last you around two months (based on you taking two capsules per day which is the lowest dosage).


Controlled Labs Blue Up - Improves Testosterone Levels

If stimulants don’t bother you then Blue Up is a fantastic and useful supplement to help build muscle and increase the sex drive by boosting testosterone.

However, if you would prefer a stimulant-free product then the best suggestion would be Xtreme Testosterone – which does exactly what is says on the tin! And at an amazing price of $19.95 per bottle, this leading brand is practically giving it away!

Using natural herbs Tongkat Ali and Horny Goat Weed, you are bound to feel the powerful effects of these plant-based extracts, right away!

Back in the day, ancient tribes and indigenous people used these roots to feed to their livestock (and each other) to increase fertility and sexual                                                                                                performance.

And if the ultimate sex drive is what you are hoping to achieve, then you should try Biomanix. This advanced formula of organic extracts has                                                                                                      even been proven to make your penis grown several inches!

Not only will you be walking around with a smile on your face, but wait until you see how this affects your wife . . .