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Do You Want a Good Sex Life? Don’t Eat These Foods

by Men's Healthy List Staff
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Our sex lives are made up of different aspects, including but not limited to, fertility, testosterone levels, sex drive, and performance quality. We don’t want our sex lives to be made up of infertility, lack of libido, and erectile dysfunction.

So, what can we do to prevent the latter and promote the former?

Start by checking out my guide to the nasty foods and drinks you should avoid in your diet. Believe it or not, what we consume and put into our bodies has an extremely high effect on how good, or how bad, our sex life is.

Let’s begin.


Soda is bad for your gut, we know this. But it’s also bad for your sex life.

But, why is this? It’s because two of the biggest ingredients found in soda, high fructose corn syrup and refined sugar, really hurt your ability to achieve and maintain an erection; Otherwise known as erectile dysfunction. By drinking this delicious, but health-horrifying drink, the cholesterol within your arteries builds up, making it harder for the blood vessels to pump necessary blood to the appropriate places. So, when it’s time to get it on and have some sex, you’ll be dealing with many obstacles if you drink soda regularly.

Artificial Sweeteners

artificial sweetener, equal, aspartame, sucraloseArtificial sweeteners come off nice, due to the fact that they are ‘less calories’ or ‘better for you.’ Well that’s a misconception if I’ve ever seen it; Artificial sweeteners are technically worse for you than regular sugar.

Let me explain why. Artificial sweeteners deplete the body of substances like dopamine and serotonin. Both of these chemicals aid in keeping us happy. To specifically tie these chemicals in with the topic of how artificial sweeteners hurt our sex life, I have to bring up our libido. Both chemicals aid in keeping us happy in the sex department by controlling our libido and ensuring us that we are happy during sex. Without such chemicals, our libido will decrease, and we’ll be prone to not enjoying sex.

Canned Goods

More often times than not, anything in a can, whether it be a canned good or a canned soda, is bad for you. Bad for your overall health and bad for your sex life. So, try your best to stay away.

Specifically, in reference to canned goods, the aluminum cans actually contain a chemical known as BPA that carries an enormous amount of sex health issues. For instance, men who consume a daily intake of food from canned goods have reported lower sex drives. In addition, some have stated they hardly enjoy having sex at all anymore.

Instead of buying these really bad canned goods, spend a little extra to purchase the fresh fruits and veggies. If you can’t stand cooking fresh, or it’s too expensive, try food in a jar; It’ll be less harmful to your sex drive and overall health.


When speaking of popcorn, I want to specifically point out microwaved popcorn; This stuff is no good for your body. And, there’s more healthy snacks and treats to ingest next time you rent a Redbox movie.

Let me tell you why. There’s this chemical known as Perfluorooctanoic acid that is found in the packaging of microwave popcorn. This acid targets your sex drive by highly affecting, and putting out of balance, most hormones associated with sex. Try and avoid this at all costs. Air popped popcorn tastes better, anyways.


Licorice gives me the creeps, to be honest. I don’t like the taste of it and quite frankly, I don’t like the look of it. But still, there’s some people out there that will disagree with me. However, it is not good for your sex life.

For those of you that do like the candy, stay away from it. Why? Because the chemical present in it that makes the candy rather sweet is actually detrimental to your health; It targets your body by increasing sodium levels and decreasing potassium levels. In men, this chemical reduces testosterone levels.

Red Meat

Red meat is so good for us when we’re trying to gain muscle, or when we’re really hungry, or when we want something that tastes extremely good. But, for some reason, red meat is not good for your sex life.

Why? Well, because red meat can affect LDL cholesterol levels, in turn decreasing men and women’s libido levels. How does red meat do this? By the saturated fats within them. Try skipping out on red meat a few times a week, your sex life will prosper.


dairy, milk, cheeseI hate to say this. I mean, I really hate to say this. I love milk and cheese, but they are no good for your sex life.

Why? These products contain a type of estrogen. This type of estrogen unfortunately affects our bodies hormone production and regulation. And, an increase in this hormone can actually decrease chances of getting pregnant and decrease libido levels in both men and women.

You can still drink milk and eat cheese, just make sure that no hormones have been added to them so that way you can be stable and still enjoy your sex life.


This should be a given; Everyone should know that alcohol effects our sex lives, without a doubt.

If you don’t know the how, I’m here to tell you: Alcohol contributes to sexual dysfunction in ways other than erectile dysfunction. Testosterone can actually be completely depleted from the body with too much alcohol consumption.

Would you rather drink until your drunk all the time, or would you rather have a great sex life and chill out on the alcoholic beverages?


This will sneak up on you, especially considering it is placed in almost every food on the planet, whether it be at home or from a restaurant. And even still, foods that you didn’t think contain salts, do. Go look in your fridge and check out the ingredients; I bet that vegetable juice tucked away in the corner has plenty of sodium in it. I wouldn’t be surprised if that cottage cheese has it, too.

High levels of sodium can greatly affect high blood pressure and cholesterol levels, which will in turn lead to inadequate blood flow. And we all know what inadequate blood flow does to the sex life, no more blood rushing down to that penis ladies and gents.

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