Does D-Pol Pass the Testosterone Test?

What is the REAL truth about D-Pol?

D-Pol is yet another male supplement on the market that is meant to boost testosterone, which in turn, boosts sex life and male virility. How do we get the truth about male supplements when all that is out there seems to be mostly advertisements and lies? We research real reviews and take a hard look at the science behind the pill. By researching the ingredient lists and talking to men who have tried it first hand, we can uncover the truth about D-Pol.

How does D-Pol work?

D-Pol not only claims to boost testosterone, but give users energy and increased muscle tone and mass. So how would an all-natural pill without steroids accomplish that? D-Pol works to naturally increase free testosterone starting with the brain. The ingredients give signals to the brain to produce more testosterone while increasing circulation. Once the body makes more testosterone it can move throughout the body.

Price Factor:  $20.99 + $3.99 for shipping

Testosterone booster


  • Energy boost
  • Sexual stamina
  • Improved mood
  • Lean muscle gains
  • Increased virility


  • Breakouts
  • Bad taste
  • Hard-to-swallow pill

Ingredient Investigation

Vitamin D3…

Most North Americans are extremely Vitamin D deficient from lack of sun light.

Vitamin B Complex (B6, B9, B12)…

The B vitamins work to directly support then nervous system and controls the metabolism. Without your B vitamins it is difficult to have energy or produce testosterone. This blend of B vitamins helps to build muscle and boost metabolism to burn fat while giving you more energy.

D-Aspartic Acid & L-Aspartic Acid…

D-Aspartic Acid is the “release factor” in the equation. This directly effects hormone production and testosterone levels. Meanwhile L-Aspartic Acid helps work on the total package, meaning the reproductive organs to deliver the testosterone and remedy fertility issues.


Improve sexual performance

“After trying everything it is great to have found a product I only have to take once a day that works!”

“Can’t stand the taste, but love the results, if you don’t mind a little bit of chalkiness (similar to cheap protein powder) than step on up, cause this pill delivers”

“After having plateaued in my lifting routine for a while now and not being able to get it up in the bedroom, just feeling a little sluggish in general… WOW this really amped up my work out results and got me feeling like a tiger between the sheets!”

The Real Deal

Sure, D-Pol is definitely the real deal when it comes to seeing promised results. There are some minor issues with the product, customer complaints of a bad tasting, hard-to-swallow pill. However, it is only one pill and a small sacrifice to make for a solid mid-range testosterone-boosting tablet with low risk side effects.