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Does Earth-Edge Omega 3 Fish Oil Work?

by menshealthlist

At a Glance

The health gains provided by fish oil are now well-known and people are keener to improve or maintain their health through means of supplementation. The issue that concerns users, however, is the fishy taste that leaves your mouth and breath, which of course, is a red flag since everybody wants to smell fresh. Luckily, other brands of fish oil supplements have developed their products in a way that can conceal the smell of the fish oil. One of these is Earth-Edge Omega 3 Fish Oil.

This particular supplement has a lemon flavoring, enabling you to take Earth-Edge Omega 3 Fish Oil without the fishy scent. This fish oil supplement is also promoted to be a pharmaceutical grade product developed via the use of a Comprehensive Distillation Process. This method gets rid of all forms of metals, which includes mercury.

Buying Earth-Edge Omega 3 Fish Oil also includes a free eBook called “Understanding Omega 3”, which customers can find useful.

Getting to Know the Company

Does Earth-Edge Omega 3 Fish Oil Work?This supplement is manufactured by the company Earth-Edge. However, checking the official site we were surprised to learn that its website is hosted on a Google blogger account. The design of its bottle, on the other hand, is remarkably great. This is why it’s quite surprising that they’d settle on having a website hosted by a Google blogger. That doesn’t leave a very good impression as it signifies a shortage of resources.

Moreover, Earth-Edge claims to be a company that manufactures and distributes natural health supplements. While it touts that their products are created in the US, our researches led us to find that the company has actually its main headquarter in South Africa and its domain name was listed in 2013, which makes the company a new one. As of this writing, they have only Earth-Edge Omega 3 Fish Oil as their supplement.

With this, the company needs more time in order to integrate its supplement to the market. Nonetheless, it’s quite remarkable that Earth-Edge Omega 3 Fish Oil is kind of doing great on Amazon.

What are the Assertions?

The company behind Earth-Edge Omega 3 Fish Oil doesn’t have any grand assertion or any over-the-top promises. They’re just stating that the product is formulated by using pharmaceutical-grade fish oil that’s developed to remove the fishy scent that such supplements are mostly associated with.

Since this product is basically an omega-3 fish oil, you can anticipate to experience health gains, such as lowering the risk of coronary heart problems, decreasing signs of aging like wrinkles, alleviating the swelling around the joints, and enhancing cardiovascular capacities.

What’s the Ingredient Profile?

Of course, the main component here is Omega 3 Fish Oil. Earth-Edge states that a serving of this supplement consists of 800mg EPA (Eicosapentaenoic Acid), 600mg DHA (Docosahexaenoic Acid). Other Omega-3 fatty acids (100 mg) are included in the formula. Overall, there’s 1,500 mg in a serving of Earth-Edge Omega 3 Fish Oil. There’s also the inclusion of natural lemon flavor to get rid of the unpleasant fishy odor, as well as an exclusive antioxidant blend that comes from Rosemary.

What are the Product Features?

Does Earth-Edge Omega 3 Fish Oil Work?Aside from the supplement itself, you’ll get an eBook along with your order.

It has a natural lemon flavor to eradicate the fishy scent.

The supplement is reasonably priced compared with other omega 3 fish oil items.

Earth-Edge Omega 3 Fish Oil has great feedbacks on Amazon.

How Effective Is the Product?

As mentioned, Earth-Edge Omega 3 Fish Oil has great feedbacks on Amazon.com. Most users are quite pleased with its performance, so that testifies to the supplement’s efficacy in delivering notable results that’s good for the health. As of this writing, it has 52 reviews and 39 of these reviewers gave Earth-Edge Omega 3 Fish Oil 5 stars. Only a user gave the supplement a 1-star score.

Place to Purchase

Earth-Edge Omega 3 Fish Oil is offered by Amazon.com. The price there is $23.50, plus $4.64 to cover the shipping fee. A bottle of this supplement has 60 softgels and the suggested dosage per day is 2 softgels, which makes Earth-Edge Omega 3 Fish Oil good for 30 days.

What’s the Bottom Line?

Compared with other products we’ve assessed before, Earth-Edge Omega 3 Fish Oil seems to be the least costly. Its quality seems to be decent, too, since it has mostly good reviews on Amazon. Efficacy and low cost – two things you don’t easily come across in the supplement industry and Earth-Edge Omega 3 Fish Oil has both.

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