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Does Memory Sustain Improve Cognition?

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Does Memory Sustain Improve Cognition?

Overview of Memory Sustain

Scientists have been uncovering evidence that simple supplements can improve cognitive abilities for decades.

In the beginning they were looking for treatments to help the neurologically impaired by conditions such as Parkinson’s and dementia related diseases.

While searching they begin finding that healthy individuals could benefit from these components and perhaps prevent these issues.

That is exactly what Neuro Biologix, the makers of Memory Sustain, did.

They decided to work with the Neurosensory Centers of America and create nutritional as well as botanical supplements designed to provide effective treatments for neurosensory deficiencies.

They named the product that they developed Memory Sustain and it is for those who would benefit from a boost in memory and mental clarity like dementia and ADD/ADHD patients.

It supports and balances hormone levels; expedites actions of essential neurotransmitters; and introduces potent antioxidants into the neural environment.

Analysis of Memory Sustain Properties and Functions

Memory Sustain is a blend of botanical nutrients and properties to improve memory:

Researchers have found that B-Complex vitamins, which include B-6 and B-12 as well as Folate, can boost recall functions and improve the process of cognition.

N-Acetyl Cysteine is also included in this formula due to its ability to actually repair cognitive deficiencies.

It also contains Acetyl-L-Carnitine which is often used to manage impairments in cognition.

The use of Phosphatidylserine to aid patients who have neurological issues is also widespread as it boosts the health of neurons.

Ginkgo Biloba is used in many brain boosting supplements because a large number of those in the medical community consider it effective for not only enhancing recall, but for repairing the cognitive damage.

Bacopa is said to expand cognition and Ayurvedic medicine has been implementing it into practice for several hundred years.

Vinpocetine promotes blood flow and thereby increases cell accessibility to oxygen.

Huperzine A incites the production of choline which vital neurotransmitters of the brain require for processes of cognition connections and associations.

The protective antioxidant called resveratrol promotes all cognitive functions, especially recall.

Neuro Biologix suggests consuming 1 capsule twice every day for optimum results.

Memory Sustain Arguments and Considerations

Memory Sustain Argument

This formula was developed with the assistance of neurosensory professionals.

Positive customer feedback can be found on the manufacturer’s website.

Visitors may also review info concerning the actions of its ingredients.

Memory Sustain Considerations

In the long run its use could be pricey.

Where to Get It

Memory Sustain may be obtained via the Neuro Biologix’s site.

People can buy a bottle of 60 capsules for $41.40. Purchasing more than one at a time does not provides visitors with a discount and Neuro Biologix does not offer a money back guarantee.

Final Thoughts

The level of professional counsel during the development of Memory Sustain, as well as FDA certification for the manufactory, sheds a very positive light on it.

This formula is has not received approval from the FDA since it falls under the heading supplement as opposed to medicine.

The lack of FDA certification for the supplement does not negate its actual effectiveness.

Memory Sustain deserves valid consideration once a personal health evaluation has been completed.

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