FCK Forever Review – Sexual Endurance Like A PRO

Can you last longer with your male enhancement pill?

Perhaps one of the most elusive targets of male enhancement supplements is the ability to give users better control over their orgasms. Unlike potentiating erections, which is known to be possible through better circulation and libido; having complete control over your orgasms are more complex – requiring a balance of your hormones while preventing erectile dysfunction and physical exhaustion.

One of the products we’ve reviewed says that it does just that – FCK Forever. In case you haven’t read our review about FCK Power, check it out. FCK Forever is the agent that enhances the benefits of FCK Power. According to its manufacturers, FCK Forever is meant to stack with FCK Power. However, the product is quite good on its own. With its balance of ingredients and fast-acting formula, it has the ability to increase libido and control over orgasms.


The best male enhancement supplements rely on choice ingredients to create reactions in the body that helps potentiate erections and control over your climax.  Here are the ingredients of FCK Forever:

Epimedium Sagittatum – also known as Horny Goat Weed, Epimedium Sagittatum contains Icariin, an ingredient known to emulate the effects of PDE-5 inhibitors such as Tadalafil and Sildenafil, the active ingredients of Viagra and Cialis. PDE-5 inhibitors send signals to your brain to relax the smooth muscles that control the dilation and contraction of arteries that supply the blood to the penis.

Yohimbe – Yohimbe is a popular vasodilator that works synergistically with epimedium to enhance blood flow throughout the body.

Serenoa Serrulata – a potent aphrodisiac that originated from old Native American medicine

L-Dopa – an ingredient that suppresses prolactin, a chemical in your brain that prevents you from following up your orgasm with another orgasm

Maca Root – an ingredient used in traditional Peruvian medicine, Maca Root acts as an agent to balance hormones to shorten your refractory period, or the period of rest following an orgasm before you feel interested in sexual activity again.


The key to understanding the effectiveness of FCK Forever is the synergy of its ingredients. FCK Forever has two ingredients that work in the same process. Epimedium and Yohimbe for vasodilation, Epimedium and Seronoa Serrulata for libido-boosting properties, and L-Dopa and Maca root to help users gain full control over their orgasms.

FCK Forever was formulated in a way that your body reacts to two different compounds that work on the same level, which only intensifies the effectiveness of each ingredient. The ingredients are optimally absorbed in the small intestine in just a few minutes after taking the first dose. Several user narratives suggest that the product is even better when taken on an empty stomach, first thing in the morning, and the effects should last for the rest of the day.


Based on our findings, there is no reason to doubt the effectiveness of FCK Forever. We have also found it to perfectly complement penis enlargement pills such as Biomanix, Formula 41 Extreme, and of course-  FCK Power. We highly recommend FCK Forever to our readers, especially those who experience difficulties maintaining an erection or controlling their orgasm.