by Michael Douglas
getting busy in the bedroom

Do you desire to continue to bask in the euphoria of healthy sex life? Bet your answer is yes right? Of course. everyone desires to be sexually vibrant. Who says every sexual encounter cannot be thrilling? You just have to know the right chords to strike.

To enjoy sex or boost one’s sexual life is not rocket science neither is it abstract. All you need to do is to inculcate some healthy habits that can help you boost your libido.

Here’s a list of habits you can imbibe to boost your sexual life and keep enjoying sex all day long.

Eat sexually stimulating foods


Most people don’t know that sex is beyond penetration. To maintain a healthy sex life, you have to feed well too. There are specific foods that you can incorporate into your diet which can boost your libido level. Such food like avocadoes, eggs, banana, cucumber, raw oysters, and celery are all equipped with mineral nutrients that can impact positively on your sexual life.

Sleep well

The importance of sleep in the body cannot be overemphasized. The body normalizes all itself during sleep. This is why sound sleep is attributed to healthy living and wellness. As regards sex, research has shown that people who sleep well tend to enjoy satisfying sex more than others who don’t. suffice to say that, you want to enjoy, you have to learn to sleep well first.

Exercise well

Working out is not only beneficial for losing weight or acquiring monster muscles, it also helps to boost sexuality. Exercises on the cardio help to improve blood flow in the body. Mind you, proper blood flow is also needed for an agile erection. Hence, you have to just stick to a consistent workout routine if you want to boost your sexual vibrancy levels. By exercising the pelvic floor muscles through Kegel exercises, you can learn to control your ejaculation. This is needed to last as long as you want on your partner after all that’s the joy of every man.

Drink well

The need for proper hydration of the body also cannot be wished away. All bodily functions in the body require water. Water is needed by the body to be able to perform optimally. The heart needs water to pump blood effectively, likewise, the brain needs water for proper coordination of the nervous system. Every part of the body requires water in one way or the other. Sexual hormones are not exempted from this too as they need water to go about their synthesis in the body. Sperm formation is based on fluid, hence, it requires water. The simple point here is if you want to boost your sexual vibrancy, ensure that your body is properly hydrated.

Work on your mind by meditating

Sex is a thing of the mind than the body. Most people don’t know that the body is merely a messenger of the mind when it comes to sexual dealings. Suffice to say, the state of your mind determines to a large extent your sexual life. For instance, men who suffer from premature ejaculation tend to look down on themselves. They develop low self-esteem, some can even developmental disorders such as anxiety and depression hence impacting negatively on their sexual life. Develop healthy sexual behavior by meditating and practicing yoga.

Seek knowledge

It is often said that no man knows it all – that no man is an island. This is quite true. Pick up books that center on healthy sexuality. Seek to know more about everything concerning sex and sexually related topics. Learn the best ways to please your partner.

Be adventurous, but not hypersexual


As said earlier, not everything about sex is just about penetration; sometimes, all he or she needs is to be cuddled. Learn foreplay; learn how to kiss; maintain proper hygiene. Don’t be tardy when it comes to sex, be more open to your partner. Communicate with them about their sexual needs and where they have some form of sexual challenges or the other, stick with them through it all. This is intimacy and it’s better than mere lust.

Embrace healthy masturbation

Don’t just go about slam jerking on your penis, develop healthy masturbation habits. Masturbation is quite good for sex as it can help you learn how to last longer and attain orgasm anything you want. Excessive masturbation on the other hand can be devastating to your health. Lastly, do not expose yourself to pornography as it could lead to wild sexual desires. You may unconsciously be asking more than your partner can give. It’s that disastrous.




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