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Having Safe Sex is Important: Here’s How 

by menshealthlist

Having safe sex is the key to staying healthy sexually, and to not succumb to any dreaded STDs like gonorrhea or AIDS. It’s the only way to truly be sure that you’re healthy and not having anything living inside you waiting to make itself known and make you incredibly ill.

The sad truth of the matter is that a majority of the STDs out there will not make you sick right away. In fact, the symptoms of them will not even be apparent, leaving you the opportunity to spread the infection because you don’t even know you have it in the first place.

But if you’re like most people who are responsible, you’ll want to know the best ways to have safe sex and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Always Use Condoms

If you’re a guy, this is the easy part. Condoms are really cheap, and they are usually sold in major retail stores world-wide. Really, you can buy these things anywhere you look.

There’s no excuse for not using one, other than it feels better without using one. This is true, but it’s not the safest method around. Having sex with a condom on still feels awesome, so you should just suck it up and wear them.

If you’re a girl, you could even carry some around to give to the guys who don’t really feel like wearing them. When faced with sex or no sex, men will always choose sex. This is why you need to force them to wear one.

Try the Female Condom

I’ll be serious here: they are kind of silly at first, and they’re not even close to as easy to use as condoms for men are. You need to go inside your vagina and sort of stretch out the plastic shield to protect yourself from any sperm from entering.

They’re much more complicated and expensive, but it’s better for sensation and feeling.

Try Using Spermicide

While this won’t stop STDs from getting into you, it’ll keep you from getting pregnant, which is also very important.

Getting pregnant when you’re not ready is a very scary thing, and you only want it to happen when you’re ready.

Using this will ensure that you won’t get pregnant.


This is paramount to safe sex, and it requires just taking a pill each morning. A lot of people think safe sex means just for keeping away diseases, but that’s not true. It can also apply to not getting pregnant.

Birth control is a surefire way of staying away from the pregnant virus, as it’s 98% effective. Definitely worth it!

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