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How Long Do Guys Typically Last in Bed?

by Men's Healthy List Staff
how long should a guy be able to last in bed

I understand that I’m a woman, but sometimes I find myself thinking about things guys think about. For example, and I know this can be a topic thought about by either a man or a woman, I often wonder how long the average man should last in bed.

Okay, hold your roll and hear me out. I know how long my ex-boyfriends time frames were, and I know how long my current boyfriend’s time frame is in bed. However, I often wonder if these times in bed are normal for men. Like, is there a way to increase how long a man lasts in bed so that I can (or other women can) orgasm? I sure hope so.

Anyways, I looked into the popular question “How long do guys last in bed?” and I found quite the evidence. Apparently, men of all ages don’t last all that long during sex. Let’s take a closer look.

How long do guys last in bedThe research study I stumbled upon involved approximately 450 men. These men were asked to have sex with their wives/girlfriends for about 4 weeks. They were asked to document these sexual experiences by setting a timer from the second they entered their lady’s vagina to the second they reached orgasm. At the end of the study, all approximate 450 men turned in their ‘sex diaries’ for the researchers to come up with their results.

How many men lasted how many minutes in bed.

      Length of Time              Amount of Men

  • 1 minute                                                          4 men
  • 2 minutes                                                        20 men
  • 3 minutes                                                        28 men
  • 4 minutes                                                        51 men
  • 5 minutes                                                        52 men
  • 6 minutes                                                        52 men
  • 7 minutes                                                        43 men
  • 8 minutes                                                        31 men
  • 9 minutes                                                        24 men
  • 10 minutes                                                      19 men
  • 11 minutes                                                      21 men
  • 12 minutes                                                      19 men
  • 13 minutes                                                      18 men
  • 14 minutes                                                      8 men
  • 15 minutes                                                      11 men
  • 16 minutes                                                      11 men
  • 17 minutes                                                      8 men
  • 18 minutes                                                      10 men
  • 19 minutes                                                      5 men
  • 20 minutes                                                      1 man
  • 21 minutes                                                      1 man
  • 22 minutes                                                      1 man
  • 23 minutes                                                      4 men
  • 24 minutes                                                      1 man
  • 25 minutes                                                      2 men
  • 26 minutes                                                      3 men
  • 27 minutes                                                      2 men
  • 28 minutes                                                      1 man
  • 29 minutes                                                      1 man
  • 30 minutes                                                      2 men
  • 31 minutes                                                      2 men
  • 32 minutes                                                      1 man
  • 34 minutes                                                      1 man
  • 36 minutes                                                      1 man
  • 39 minutes                                                      4 men
  • 43 minutes                                                      1 man
  • 44 minutes                                                      1 man
  • 52 minutes                                                      1 man

After taking a look at the results from the sex study I found, I think it’s safe to say the majority of men fell into one particular area, lasting in bed between 2 minutes to 18 minutes.

According to the study, the average time of how long it took for men to climax was 6 minutes. Surprisingly, the time clearly varied from 1 minute to a whopping 52-minute marathon (I’m not sure if that poor girl’s vagina hurt or felt good afterward).

After the study was conducted, the average amount of time in bed documented was anywhere from 4 to 11 minutes, with anyone clocking in at 21 minutes or more being ‘disqualified.’

Now that I’m done giving you the statistics, I’d like to inform you on the comedic part of this study: All men were asked to state how long they think they typically lasted in bed. I think you can assume what I’m about to say; every man over exaggerates the amount of time they last in bed. Let’s take an even closer look.

sex on a tableAccording to findings from the study, the men involved in the case always assumed they lasted approximately 2 minutes more than they actually did. This, in turn, leads me and other women to believe that men exaggerate their performance, too.

If you had to ask my personal opinion, what do you think my answer would be regarding if men over exaggerate? I think they do, but I also think they know they do.

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By Jenny Lyn

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