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How Safe & Effective is Stendra?

by menshealthlist

About the Product

How Safe & Effective is Stendra?

Stendra is a male enhancement solution. It is manufactured by the company called Auxilium Pharmaceuticals. It is touted to be the first ever drug for erectile dysfunction in nearly 10 years that is supported by the Food and Drug Administration. The direction for use is that it should be used half an hour before sex. You can take it with or without eating. Regardless, you should be able to experience its claimed sexual benefits, including boosted sex drive and erection to help you enjoy sex and provide your partner a mind-blowing sexual experience as well. Stendra is accessible in three doses, which are 50 mg, 100 mg, and 200 mg. If it’s your first time to take this product, it is advised that you begin with consuming the 100 mg dose.

Stendra is a prescription-based medication that’s undergone clinical research and trials to substantiate its claims. In a study consisting of subjects suffering from erectile dysfunction, these improvements were noted: 3 out of 4 tried vaginal penetration and were successful. 100 mg and 200 mg of Stendra also helped in curing erectile dysfunction in men who also suffer from diabetes. Nonetheless, the product failed to show a complete list of their ingredients. The company behind Stendra only calls their components a “proprietary drug formula”, which a lot of companies do. We can only translate this action into these two possibilities: the company wants to keep their formula a secret to avoid being copied by other manufacturers or the company doesn’t want customers to know what’s in Stendra because there’s something either ineffective or harmful in it.

How Safe & Effective is Stendra?Furthermore, the product has a couple of good features, such as its presentation of various findings from clinical studies to substantiate their claims. Stendra is also greatly concentrated on the aim of addressing erectile dysfunction, exploring multiple mechanisms to combat the condition. Since the product has its pharmaceutical background, it only means that it follows strict protocols and high standards, which somehow constitutes to it being a high-quality. Safety precautions are also included to make sure consumers stay cautious.

Meanwhile, it is stated that the product is prescription-based. This means you cannot purchase Stendra without a doctor’s recommendation. You cannot even be consistent with your use of Stendra without a doctor to oversee the process. Since it’s a drug, there could be possible adverse reactions associated with its synthetic mechanism, so caution should be properly observed. If you use Stendra for a long period of time, it can be an expensive male enhancement treatment course.

It is also impressive that Stendra is the first ever to be sanctioned by the FDA for an erectile dysfunction treatment in nearly 10 years. Still, there are natural and herbal alternatives out there that are deemed safer because their ingredients are from natural sources, unlike Stendra and its chemical composition. On the other hand, since there’s a doctor to supervise your use of Stendra and its changes in your body, specifically in your sexual health, using this product should also be safe and effectual. You just need to take the product in accordance to your doctor’s recommendation.

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