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How to Build a First Aid Kit

by Men's Healthy List Staff
First Aid

Sometimes it can be difficult seeking medical attention for an open cut or burn due to long waits at the emergency room. If you often find yourself seeking medical care for everyday aches and pains, it’s advised that you build or buy a first aid kit. You shouldn’t always go to the emergency room because of an open cut or a burn. However, if you feel that a simple homemade remedy can’t solve your problems then be sure to consult a doctor. Otherwise, first aid kits are the perfect solution to daily injuries. But what exactly is included in a first aid kit?

Here are some easy tips and tricks to build an outstanding first aid kit:

Why are first aid kits vital to your health?

First aid kits are crucial to daily life because they treat ailments that happen suddenly. These ailments include cuts, burns, and even sprains. First aid kits work to decrease the chance of infection or the severity of the injury, so you won’t need to go to the emergency room later on. In fact, you can use first aid kits as a preventive measure, so you don’t have to pay the extra cost of seeing a doctor or visiting an emergency room.

Should you buy a first aid kit?  

Instead of paying the cost of each individual item some people buy a pre-made first aid kit. But if premade first aid kits are available why do some people make themselves? While premade first aid kits can be convenient, however, they tend to be expensive. Due to the number of people in your household a premade first kit may or may not be for you.

How to Build a First Aid KitIf you have a big family, the number of supplies will be higher which will increase the total cost. Although if you have a small family the number of supplies will not impact the cost, in fact, a pre-made first aid kit might be right for your family. But if your tight on money and you want to pay less for a pre-made first aid kit, you might find that the kit may have a smaller number of supplies or the quality of the supplies is subpar. In fact, if you want quality supplies you should build a first aid yourself; therefore, you can choose the brand your buying and can lean less on generic products.

Where a first aid is needed

The first thing you should know about first aid kits is that they come in many sizes and shapes. You don’t have to go out buying every medical product in bulk because it’s likely you won’t need it. But it’s good to be prepared in the case that something was to happen. In that case, first aid kits are a perfect addition to a new home, car, or office space. It’s customary that every office or place of work has a first aid kit of some kind; however, you can take an extra precaution and have a small first aid kit at your desk for minor injuries like paper cuts or scrapes.

In addition, you could always keep a small first aid kit in your purse or a wallet of some kind. It’s important to always have a bandage handy just in case you get a cut, or you find a scrape on your hand. Bandages cover the wound and allow the wound to heal. In fact, bandages also discourage infections from penetrating the injury. Having a first aid kit whether in your car, wallet or the home allows you to practice healthy medical techniques.

How to build a first aid kit

When creating a first aid kit, it’s vital that you include name and numbers of health-care professionals. If an accident were to happen that couldn’t be solved with first aid it’s important you know whom to call in a crisis. In fact, you should also include a list of any medications any family member may be using so if a health-care professional asks you don’t have to think twice. It’s essential that you think ahead when building a first aid kit, for example, when you buy supplies consider how many people live in your household. If you only buy enough supplies for two people and you’re a family of four, how is that going to work?

How to Build a First Aid KitWhile supplies vary from family to family, most people like to stick to the basics when building a first aid kit. Supplies like assorted bandages, aspirin, and a thermometer are typically associated with a first aid kit. While those supplies are an important part of a first aid kit, there are other supplies that are just as essential. For example, cloth tape, adhesive bandages, and cold compresses can be instrumental in treating and helping heal injuries.

However, some families like to expand their shopping list and buy tweezers and antiseptic wipes for their first aid kit whatever you decide to include in your first aid kit make sure the supplies will not only help treat injuries in the future but also has a long shelf life. If you choose to buy supplies that will expire quickly, you’ll need to stock up on those items more frequently which in return can cost you money. The point of a first aid kit is not to be a costly product but to ensure safety. If you cannot trust your products to work due to expiration dates, make sure you buy quality products, although sometimes that means they may be higher in price.

First aid kits are an important part of everyday life. People get injured daily due to sudden accidents, but these injuries don’t warrant a hospital visit. In fact, all they need is a Band-Aid.  If you keep a first aid kit in your home, you’re more likely to reduce your chance of infection and you decrease the severity of your injury while building or buying a first aid kit may be expensive for some people, isn’t it worth it?

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