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How to Have Fun During Workouts

by Michael Douglas
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The lack of time is the most common excuse why people do not get regular exercise. The truth is these people find working out boring. Physical activity is not all about lifting weights or stretching. It also includes playing. Yes, playing can get you fit. Did you not have fun playing with your friends? Look at your child, and you can see the pleasure he gets playing with his friends.

Physical fitness includes activities requiring motions such as playing, cycling, walking, jogging, and even jumping rope. If you still cannot understand how to have fun during workouts, read on, and be inspired.


  1.     Be a child again


Recall the activities you enjoyed when you were a child. Were you a part of your community sports team or involved in other activities requiring strength? Going back to your childhood days will help you to discover the activities that suit not only your physical needs but also your social and emotional needs.


  1.     Star with a simple, light exercise.


Walking is the best, simple exercise, and is not intimidating. Make a date with a family member, a friend, or a coworker to walk. Set a regular date and time. It gives you both the time to catch up with each other and staying fit. Listen to music to spice up your walking exercise. Make sure it’s not too loud, so you’ll be able to listen to the other sounds in your surroundings. Walk whenever you can.

Simple, light exercises, especially if you are a newbie, allow you to adjust your schedule, prevent injury, or go to extremes. Start with a 10-minute exercise per day and then slowly increase it to a 30-minute or more workout in a day.


  1.     Choose a physical activity that you enjoy. Doing an exercise that you like makes you feel like playing, making it a fun activity.


  •         Do hula hoop. Hula hoops tones your abdominal muscles.


  •         Register to a dance class. Dancing is a fun form of exercise. It keeps your body and mind active, meet new acquaintances, learn the latest dance steps, and polish the steps you already knew. You can try Zumba, too, which is another exciting and lively activity that gives you a lot of fun!


  •         Try the trampoline. The trampoline is another fantastic exercise tool. It gives you a complete body workout and gives you the fun that transports you to your childhood days with feelings of lightness.


  •   Stretch and bond with friends. Take a Yoga or Pilates class with friends and then share and enjoy a healthy dinner later.


  •         Sit on the swing. You engage your leg muscles as you push it off, and you work your midsection as you pull it back.


  •         Play frisbee, volleyball, or do jumping jacks.


  •         Swim. If you enjoy swimming, then include this in your physical routine. Substitute lap swimming by joining a water aerobics class.


  •         Jump rope. Skipping rope is not only for children. Adults can benefit much from this physical activity. Skip rope and running helps you lose the same amount of calories.



  1.     Have a mixture of exercises.


If you are bored doing the same exercise, have a combination of each. You can alternate walking to jogging or cycling. Search for exercise videos such as Yoga, Pilates, or aerobics if you cannot enroll in a gym or a fitness center.


  1.     Exercise during commercial breaks.


Commercial breaks allow you to get up and exercise. A 1-hour TV program or show gives you 15 minutes to exercise, without missing your favorite show. Walking on the treadmill, cycling on a stationary bike, dancing or Zumba are fun physical activities you can do while watching TV.


  1.     Look for a workout companion.Jogging Exercise


Most people get motivated to work out with a friend or a family member. With a workout companion, you have someone to share the fun with, talk with, and encourage each other.


  1.     Check the physical activities in your local community.


Most local communities have clubs, associations, or groups that encourage the residents to be active. Join a group or club that you find interesting. It is a perfect way to meet new acquaintances and to interact with your co-residents. You may also find the other available fun opportunities like dance classes, sports clubs, bike clubs, swimming pools, walking, and jogging trails.


  1.    Play with your kids.


Bring your kids to the local park and play with them. It can be badminton, or lunges, dips, and step-ups using the park benches. Play obstacle course using kick balls or cones.


  1.     Challenge yourself.


Try new exercise routines. Repetitive physical activity can be tiresome. If you have not tried jogging or running, then do it. Make sure, however, that you do not go overboard. As mentioned above, start small.

 How to Have Fun During Workouts

  1.     Remind yourself of the benefits of exercise


If you feel bored or you feel like not enjoying what you’re doing, repeat to yourself the benefits of working out. Recite a mantra in your mind (“This is fun.”; “I can do this.”; or “I feel great.”) Run it through your mind over and over while exercising.


Having fun with working out is real. All you need is creativity, be a child, play, and enjoy. Exercise is not a chore but a fun physical activity that keeps you strong, fit, healthy, and reduces the risk of getting chronic diseases. Choosing a fun exercise will make you say that exercise can be fun after all!















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