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How to Have the Most Memorable Shower Sex Like a Pro

by Men's Healthy List Staff
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If you think shower sex is only for the pros, you might be right. But just because you’ve never tried it or maybe have tried but it ended up horrendously, it doesn’t mean it’s not for you. Hollywood actors depict shower sex as if it’s the easiest sex position ever. Realistically, it never is. Lots of couples who tried shower sex landed at the ER with fractures or broken bones. The lucky ones who made it through say it’s just terrible.

This is because you need to overcome the challenges inherent in shower sex. First, you need to find ways where you can enter her without discomfort for both of you. Second, she needs to be truly wet, in which case she might not because of the flowing water. Third, the shower tends to be slippery. Losing your footing could lead to injury.

However, there’s something in shower sex that kindles your sexual fantasy. And it doesn’t give you peace until you make it successfully like a pro. The good news is, you can do it. With the help of some tools and tips, amazing shower sex is possible for both you and your partner.

1. Prepare the right accessories

You need the right gear to make the experience safe, comfortable, pleasant, and fulfilling.

    • Suction grab bars

Since safety is one of the major concerns in shower sex, the market is saturated with products designed for safety in the bathroom. You can use suction grab bars, which are designed for the elderly, in other ways.

    • Footrests

Some baths come with built-in footrests where you can place your foot while shaving your legs. In case you don’t have one, suction types can be purchased from Amazon or your local home depot. All these gears offer support for varied positions or vigorous thrusts.

    • Nonslip bath mats

Put nonslip mats on strategic places to help you secure your footing.

    • Silicone-based lubes

Water naturally causes dryness. In this case, you need the right lube that still functions greatly despite water exposure. Silicone-based lubes are the best choice for your shower adventure. And they also don’t require multiple applications.

    • latex condomsLatex condoms

Always use condoms for safe sex unless your partner is your wife. Latex condoms offer a great combination for silicon-based lubes to avoid running the risk of condom breakage. Dropping a few lubes in the condom can also enhance your experience.

    • Waterproof toys

If you want to bring your shower sexperience into a whole new level, shower safe toys such as vibrating sponges or loofahs may excite you. Bring them all in.

    • Edible soap

Yes, you can eat it. Edible soaps are the answers to restless moms’ worries regarding their babies who tend to eat soap during baths. And you can use it in a lot of ways too, to boost your sexual experience. You not only enjoy a superb adventure in the shower but you also help the environment.

    • Relaxing music

Of course, there should be a soothing musical background to increase feelings of sensuality. By now, you may have a long list of sexual or sexy songs.

    • Scented candles

Scented candles are mood setters. They help keep the place romantic and conducive for steamy sex.

2. Declutter

Cluttered surroundings wouldn’t give you the best experience you want to have. Ensure the cleanliness of your bathroom. Put your stuff in their proper place. Clear the sink and countertop. Have in your line of sight only the stuff you need for sexy time.

3. Don’t rush things

Taking your time adds excitement. For a more wet and wild experience, enter into the shower first. Then start to build anticipation. Give your partner a peep show by letting her in and allowing her to watch you while you’re soaping your naked body.

4. Give each other orals

While the smell of your body parts can get in the way when you receive orals, doing the deed in the shower can erase all your inhibitions or worries about the scent down there. The soap smell makes you feel fresh and clean paving the way to a more pleasant oral experience.

5. Take advantage of the mirror

Large mirrors add an element to the show. Seeing your naked and intertwined bodies in the mirror simply increases the heat.

6. Experiment with the best shower sex positions

Not all sex positions are applicable in the shower. The following are the best positions you may want to try:

    • Keep it simple

Since your space or movement is limited while thinking of safety, keeping both your feet on the ground is the safest position you could handle. This includes rear-entry positions, where she places her hands up the wall to support herself while you enter her from behind.

    • hot shower sexStanding up against the wall

She places her back against the wall while wrapping her one leg around your waist.

    • Reverse cowgirl

This position is safer in the shower. Position your back either against the wall or at one side of the tub and place one of your knees against the sides. Let her sit on your penis and take control of the rhythm. Just remind her to be gentle to avoid penile injury.

    • Superman

Have her wrap both her legs around your waist as you support her. Widening your stance enables her to put some of her weight on top of your thighs. Let her place her feet on the footrests. Or, you can place her on top of the counter so that you don’t have to support her entire weight. Some women prefer a face to face sex to have the entire view of their partner’s face.

    • Seated positions

If you have a seat in your bathroom, use it to your advantage.

7. It’s not all about penetration

If you’re looking for deeper penetration and vigorous thrusts, the shower isn’t the place for it. The shower is great only for fun, teasing, foreplay and body explorations. So, don’t mind too much if you want to give up. Knowing when to stop is okay. Besides, you can have the bedroom to have the varied sex positions you want. That is if you have the bedroom all by yourself with no board mates hustling in and out.


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