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Improving Your Posture Could Help Your Back Pain, Research Suggests 

by menshealthlist

More than 25% of Americans deal with some form of back pain, with the lower back being the most common area of pain. This makes sense, as your entire body rests on this one point, and it’s often worked the hardest when lifting, moving around, or shifting.

And the reason why most people have this pain in the beginning is because of lack of proper posture in your many daily positions, as well as inadequate padding on sitting surfaces.

So improving your posture, as well as getting softer sitting areas could help you big time.

First, Stop Slouching

Slouching is the biggest offender for lower back pain, and stopping this poor habit could be all you need to correct the pain you feel. In addition, slouching while standing also affects your level of pain.

But what can you do about it?

You can buy an ergonomic chair to sit in, and this will help you keep your back straight. Since these chairs are often pricier and often contain more padding wear you need it most, you’ll also be getting a softer seat.

Both of these things should help fix your lower back issues at work or at home.

You should also stop slouching in your car seat, which is the second biggest offender for back pain. Car makers often make car seats with minimal padding, and they’re almost always one size fits all.

These seats are designed to be made as cheaply as possible, and unless you’re buying a big and expensive luxury car, it’s going to wreak havoc on your back.

What you can try is an extra pad on the bottom of the seat, and this should help relieve pressure. In addition, they make posture devices that help you stay straight without slouching.

Second, Use Lower Back Exercises Whenever Possible, and Hang!

The reason people suffer from chronic back pain is because they never relieve the pressure put on their backs from the day before. Sleeping relieves pressure on the lower back, but not all the way.

Only by doing back exercises and hanging from a tall object can reduce your pain and stretch you out.

Hanging from a pull-up type of station will use gravity to your advantage, allowing your vertebrae to stretch and get lubed again.

And by lying on your back and wiggling your backside, you’ll stretch your lower back even more in the other direction.

With these tips, you’ll be free of pain in your back as long as you keep up these good habits!

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