Introduction and Review of SlimFast Shake

Description of SlimFast Shake

This meal replacement formulation, SlimFast Shake, is rich in proteins to ensure success in losing weight while still being provided with the required nutrients. It is basically designed and developed to give you control over your hunger while being ensured that you stay healthy.

Its manufacturer says that SlimFast Shake can give you satisfaction that can last up to 4 hours. This way, you wouldn’t feel hunger that often. By replacing 1-2 of your daily meals with SlimFast Shake, you lose weight while being guaranteed that you’re still healthy. This is according to the company behind SlimFast Shake.

To be more enlightened about this product, we have gathered information and other details based on reviews and other statements to help you decide on whether to consider this product.

Meet SlimFast Shake’s Maker

SlimFast Shake is named after its manufacturer – SlimFast. This company focuses on producing weight-loss products that compose of shakes, meals, snacks, bars, and other dietary products intending to appeal those people who seriously want to lose weight with ease while still ensuring effectiveness. These products generated by SlimFast are distributed nationwide in the United States and United Kingdom as well.

The company was formed in 1997, though at the time it was only a part of Thompson Medical Company’s product line. After three years, it was sold to Unilever. SlimFast Shake became more credible in 2003 after a study introduced by the North American Association proved the product’s efficiency in terms of helping people lose weight. In the study, it was shown that people who went through dieting with the help of SlimFast Shake for a decade were 30 pounds lighter compared to those who did not go through this regimen.

It was even claimed that continuous use of SlimFast Shake allows one to lose one to two pounds per week, provided that this product has already been used for a long time.

Learning the Ingredients in SlimFast Shake

Ingredients of SlimFast Shake

For every serving of SlimFast Shake, there’s 190 calories worth of fiber, proteins and 24 vitamins and minerals, all substantial to ensure overall wellness. This meal replacement formula is also not that boring as it comes in 3 different flavors. You can go for vanilla, strawberry, or chocolate.

As for the total carbs in the formulation, it’s 24 grams. Proteins are about 10 grams while dietary fiber is 5 grams. The vitamins, on the other hand, are composed of A, C, D, E, and K. Vitamin C contains most of the content. Minerals, meanwhile, are composed of magnesium, calcium, zinc, and manganese.

Chromium is also added in the formulation. This is to make sure you don’t eat too much by controlling your appetite. Since it has 18 grams of sugar added, SlimFast Shake tastes nicely.

How SlimFast Shake Facilitates Weight Loss and Good Health?

SlimFast Shake works by cutting down your calorie consumption everyday. If this doesn’t happen, you probably will gain weight, which is bad news if you’re trying to do the opposite. Thus, those who want to be slimmer know how important it is to reduce calorie consumption in every meal. Sure, it is not as easy as imagined, but thanks to SlimFast Shake, you can actually lose weight now with less effort. You don’t have to struggle too much just to shed some pounds. All that needs to be done is replace 1-2 of our daily meals with SlimFast Shake.

The Positive Sides of SlimFast Shake

It actually works in the cutting down of calorie consumption

It also helps in the muscle growth with the use of proteins

It helps curbs down hunger with the use of chromium and fiber

The Negative Sides of SlimFast Shake

There are negative feedback about its taste not being great

Its fiber content is not as high compared to other products in the market

Possible Side Effects

There’s actually none, or at least none so far. We haven’t received any information saying that SlimFast Shake can trigger adverse reactions. It also needs to be reiterated that SlimFast Shake is only a meal replacement shake. It’s not a medication, so it doesn’t contain any special compounds or chemicals, just components that would be categorized as food.

Instantaneous Results

Weight Loss Shake

As claimed by SlimFast, SlimFast Shake can enable you to lose 1-2 lbs each week if the use of this product is consistent in a significant amount of time. This assertion has been confirmed by a study released by the North American Association in 2003, as mentioned earlier.

How Much Is SlimFast Shake Worth?

Depends on where you purchase it. It is available on for $39.07 for 20 bottles while it costs $9.98 at Walmart for eight. The price depends on the retailer.

Accessibility of Free Trials

There aren’t any free trials for SlimFast Shake. However, it is always possible to acquire this product at a discounted price, since offers and promotions also depend on the store. You could also buy SlimFast Shake using coupons or gift cards.

What People Say About SlimFast Shake?

Most feedback are excellent. On Amazon, there are more than 600 reviews from users – 300 of them have 5 stars, 155 gave 4 stars, and only 78 gave 1 star. The primary grievance of the customers with poor reviews is the bad taste of the product. But overall, customers love SlimFast Shake for being effective.

Is SlimFast Shake the Real Deal?

Based on safety and efficiency, SlimFast Shake is genuinely the real deal. There are just complaints about its taste. But another important thing about this product is that it has been authenticate d in a study. That says a lot about its reputation, efficiency, and safety. If you want a meal replacement formula that works and is cheap, it should be SlimFast Shake, no questions asked.