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John Giardino Attends Anti-Aging Forum

by Michael Douglas


John Giardino, the founder, and CEO of UltraCore Supplements, recently attended the Anti-Aging Forum, which brought together experts to discuss the most recent developments that focus on slowing down or potentially reversing the detrimental effects of aging. John was one of the chosen speakers to discuss the impact of alternative solutions to combat the effects of aging.

UltraCore Supplements is the company that manufactures and distributes the world’s leading testosterone-boosting supplement, Male UltraCore. Currently, Male UltraCore is ranked as the #1 performance-enhancing supplement for men on more than 30 different review aggregate websites. One of the most promising benefits of Male UltraCore is a massive boost in physical, mental, and sexual performance brought about by increased levels of testosterone.

The testosterone segment is one of the most competitive segments in the entire supplement industry, with many companies investing heavily in advertising and endorsements, and with others pouring their resources on research and development to produce newer, more advanced products. In this highly contested space, Male UltraCore undoubtedly has a superior advantage over its competitors. Its 2500mg daily serving is the most power-packed formula ever put together for a testosterone supplement, and it utilizes standardized extracts and high-quality ingredients to further enhance the formula’s potency and effectiveness.


Testosterone, the anti-aging secret



For centuries, the brightest minds tried to figure out how to slow down aging. One could argue that aging affects men more than women since testosterone gradually declines as men age. Low testosterone levels push men towards a steep decline in their overall performance; muscles weaken, cognitive performance regresses, and sexual performance declines.

man who takes Progentra prevents low testosterone levels
John and many medical experts believe that testosterone is the key that would help older men restore their youthful performance. This theory has been proven by various research facilities around the world through clinical testing. Regaining optimal testosterone levels allow older men to improve muscle strength and growth, increase libido, and enhance cognitive performance.

Testosterone Replacement Therapy vs Natural Testosterone Supplements


The use of drugs to artificially increase testosterone has always been a hot button topic in anti-aging forums. In medicine, urologists and endocrinologists promote testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) as a treatment for men with low testosterone levels. TRT is a high-risk treatment that should only be given to men who have been diagnosed with hypogonadism, which is characterized by low testosterone levels caused by poor testosterone production in the gonads. Even though the treatment is linked to a series of side effects, such as erectile dysfunction, gynecomastia, and prostate enlargement, many clinics in the United States are openly providing elective TRT treatments to patients who wish to increase their testosterone levels.

As an advocate of natural treatments to restore optimal testosterone levels, John Giardino highlighted the major differences between the two major pathways to increase testosterone levels.

Here’s an excerpt of what John shared in the forum:


“I live and breathe fitness. I’ve been working out since I was in my teens. I’m a competitive guy, and I’ll do just about anything to improve my performance, but I’ve never done TRT in my life – not just because of the ethics of it. Everyone knows what synthetic testosterone does to the body, and I won’t compromise my health just to get the results I want. That’s why we looked for the best solution to gain performance through testosterone, the safest way possible.”

The solution John was referring to was UltraCore Supplement’s flagship product, Male UltraCore.

Male UltraCore as an Anti-Aging Solution


Testosterone supplements have always been a secondary solution in treating low testosterone levels since TRT is the most commonly prescribed treatment for hypogonadism, but with Male UltraCore, John and his team of experts proved that testosterone supplements can match the results of TRT without the dangerous side effects.

TRT uses chemical compounds that mimic testosterone to artificially increase testosterone levels, and this alters the delicate balance of the hypothalamic-pituitary-gonadal axis, which regulates hormone levels. Artificially increasing testosterone levels will prevent the body from producing its natural testosterone, and this leads to testicular atrophy, erectile dysfunction, and an array of hormone disorders. These side effects are addressed by doctors by prescribing adjacent treatments such as Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) hormone injections to stimulate natural testosterone production. These series of TRT and HCG injections make patients dependent on these treatments to experience the advanced benefits of testosterone.

On the other hand, Male UltraCore contains powerful ingredients that help the body increase testosterone production and retention, and this process supports the natural hormone regulation process in the body. Male UltraCore takes advantage of the complex processes that regulate testosterone production to safely enhance testosterone levels. Male UltraCore uses natural ingredients that work together to elevate testosterone levels safely, without the risk of dependency, compared to the usual testosterone treatment cycles.

Why is Testosterone Important for Older Men?


Men experience testosterone differently as they age. Testosterone levels decline with age, and this downward decline widens the gap between the minimum and maximum testosterone levels. Normal testosterone levels are within 300-1200 ng/dL, but the average testosterone levels of men ages 50 and older are only between 400-500 ng/dL, and this greatly affects the libido and physical performance of older men.

As John mentioned in the summit,

“Think about this, most men over 50 have half of the testosterone levels that they had when they were in their 20s, and most of these men appear normal on the outside, but it’s a struggle where it matters most. I’m pushing 40, and I’m right about that age where men start to experience the decline in testosterone levels, and this is more of a personal quest because I certainly do not want to be 50 and wonder where it all went. I worked too hard to get where I’m at, and I can’t imagine letting it all go just because my testosterone levels tanked.”

The average age of retirement in the United States is 62 years old, and many of those who retire at this age are unable to enjoy the perks of retirement because of the limits in physical and sexual performance. A fulfilling retirement comes from financial security and optimal health, according to John, and taking a daily supplement to optimize your testosterone levels is a small price to pay to ensure that you have the physical and sexual performance to enjoy your day-to-day life as you get older.

How testosterone supplements can change the health industry
Testosterone replacement therapy is an expensive treatment that could cost patients between $400-500 every month, with regular testosterone tests and adjacent HCG treatments. It’s a lucrative business for healthcare facilities around the United States. These days, you could find a clinic that specializes in testosterone treatments in every major US city. Since testosterone treatments are intended to be in cycles, patients have to maintain their appointments with their physicians to protect their health while getting testosterone treatments.

Patients who undergo testosterone treatments are dependent on the treatment until they decide they no longer want it. Despite the risk of becoming dependent on the treatment, testosterone replacement therapy is one of the highest-grossing elective treatments in the United States, since any doctor can prescribe the treatment. Ideally, you’ll expect urologists and endocrinologists to prescribe testosterone treatments, but today, family doctors are among the most likely to prescribe testosterone treatments for their patients.
The worst part about taking TRT is that most HMOs and health insurance policies do not cover elective treatments such as TRT. Although TRT is intended to be a medical treatment, it would only be considered as a necessity if the patient has hypogonadism. Thus, having below average testosterone levels that are within the normal spectrum would not be considered an illness, and in such cases, TRT would not be considered a necessity for the patient.

Testosterone supplements like Male UltraCore may soon be the primary solution for optimizing testosterone levels in men, regardless of age. As proven by Male UltraCore, supplement technology has progressed to a point that it could be considered as a safer and much more practical treatment compared to TRT for men who are unsatisfied with their testosterone levels.

John Giardino Attends Anti-Aging Forum
The cost factor is even more apparent when you compare Male UltraCore with most testosterone treatments. Men can take Male UltraCore every day for as low as $2.66; a fraction of what most wellness clinics charge for testosterone treatments.


There are plenty of experts who believe that TRT prescriptions should be exclusively given to patients who need the treatment, as opposed to those who only want the treatment, because of the incredibly high risks of TRT. Taking testosterone treatments is a practical, cost-effective method to optimize your testosterone levels if your testosterone levels are within the normal spectrum. For John and the other experts on the panel, safeguarding your health is the utmost priority in managing the symptoms of aging, and it’s reckless to put yourself at an even greater risk to counter the symptoms of aging.

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