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Keep Your Joints Healthy with These 6 Tips

by menshealthlist

While it’s a common notion that joint problems are exclusively older people’s affliction, it’s not always the case. While the health of joints does decline with age and you’re eventually bound to have arthritis when you get old, joint problems don’t affect every grandparent out there.

As a matter of fact, of those who suffer from arthritis, 2.4 million are of working age. This only means that the problem isn’t entirely restricted to older people. The issue at hand is that the number of people struggling with this condition continues to proliferate.

First and foremost, arthritis isn’t an individual illness. It’s a term used when you’re referring to a huge number of conditions that impact the joints. Common indications for all kinds of arthritis are stiffness and swelling of the joints, cartilage impairment, soreness and enlargement, and pain and damage of the enveloping structures of the bones and muscles.

To avoid suffering from these problems early on, here are 6 tips you can do to make sure that your joints are taken care of:

1. Maintain a healthy weight

Keep Your Joints Healthy with These 6 Tips

Carrying a lot of weight can result in the joints getting damaged. Hence, if you’re keen to avoid arthritis and ensure that your joints perform at their greatest for a significant period of time, you should practice an active lifestyle and a balanced, well-rounded diet to help you sustain a healthy weight. Otherwise, the joints in your legs and knees are the first casualties of your heavier body as they’re the ones that hold up most of your body weight.

2. Make sure your fitness routine varies

It is important to have a variety of workouts not only to avoid boredom, but because this significantly helps in preventing cartilage erosion, which leads to joint problems and arthritis. Some forms of training you can alternately work on are high impact workouts, lifting heavy weights, as well as jumping or running, are possibly capable of causing the thinning of the cartilage, which then serves as a cushion that shields the joints.

3. Fortify your muscles

When your muscles are more robust, they’re more equipped in supporting the joints. This is why strength training is crucial. Resistance or weight training is harmless as long as you’re aware of your limits. It’s also not advised to work on the same muscles each day.

4. Minimize the risk of swelling

Keep Your Joints Healthy with These 6 Tips

Do this by minimizing or avoiding consumption of certain foods that increase the likelihood of inflammation. Focus on eating foods that are proven to minimize inflammation and alleviate the symptoms linked to joint problems. These are avocado, berries, ginger, spinach, apples, and whole grains to name a few. CBD oil is also a proven anti-inflammatory because it contains heart-healthy omega 3,6,9 fatty acids. Reducing inflammation can easily reduce swelling and pain.

5. Wear shoes that decrease the impact on joints

Wearing shoes that are capable of providing proper support when walking and during vigorous physical workouts or activities is vital for sustaining healthy joints. To do this, opt for cushioned shoes that are able to keep your feet and joints steady, as well as absorb the shocks during physical activities. For women, it’s crucial to lessen the time wearing high heels.

6. Flexibility workouts and stretching

In order to keep your joints in proper lubrication, it’s recommended to include flexibility and stretching workouts to your weekly fitness regimen. These exercises typically concentrate on augmenting the range of movement and keeping your muscles and joints supple.

It is also encouraged to move as frequently as possible. For apparent reasons, sitting for a long time isn’t helpful if you’re looking to strengthen your joints.

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