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Life Extension Mix – Is this the best supplement of today?

by menshealthlist
Life Extension Mix - Is this the best supplement of today?

The holistic market is full of surprises! Today, there are so many different types of natural remedies to assist all kinds of needs, you could feel like a kid in a candy store! Either that for you could wind up just feeling lost and confused.

To avoid any hassle, you can simply put your trust in us and allow the facts to be presented by people who know exactly where to gather them! This way, you can make comparisons about products so that you end up with exactly the supplement that you need to accomplish your goals.

What is the purpose of the product?

Muscle fatigue recoveryA cleanser as well as a health booster is a multivitamin named Life Extension Mix. This product will keep your body in good health and ensure cells live a fuller and receive the correct nutrition to enable them to live and work as best as possible. Supplied with hemoglobin are the red blood cells  which transport oxygen around the body and means plasma in the blood can carry waste such as urea to the kidneys.

It is known that when the system is taken care you live longer. So when cells are carefully regulated and never over-strained, they live longer and so the body doesn’t have to make more. This leaves room for optimisation of metabolic rates, immune system boosting and muscle fatigue recovery.

There are no harmful chemicals used in this product and it only contains natural extracts.

Ingredients & formula

Life Extension Mix - IngredientsThe components consist of the following: green tea extracts, raspberry ketones and citrus extracts. The great thing is that when these substances are combined you gain a number of vitamins and minerals such as vitamins A, B, C and K.

This supplement is not designed for those under the age of 18 unless stated otherwise by a medical practitioner. Otherwise keep out of reach of children. Likewise, do not use in combination with other medications.

Verified healthy foods, vegetables, fruits and herbs are the elements within this product and so there are no risks of side effects said to be risked with the consumption. However, symptoms may arise from ingredient interaction like bloating stomachs, heart burns, hyper acidity and nausea.

15% of general health was improved within five months of consistent use according to clinical research conducted.


You must take fourteen capsules per day, which is quite a lot to take at once and so most people split this quantity into two lots of seven.

For 490 capsules you will pay $61.45 which is an extremely high price, especially when the effects take so long to become noticeable.


When you are paying such a high price and having to take so many pills per day, this can be quite an off-putter for most. Consumers are opting for the top leading brand of today instead which only costs $19.95. Optimal Omega has been proven to be the most advanced formula of its kind with immediate results.

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