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Make Dieting as Easy as Possible with These Rules

by menshealthlist

Some people say that you should never go on a diet or you will just be hungry all the time. The truth is that there are many diets out there and some aren’t good for your body or health at all. When you are dieting, you should find an easy program that allows you to eat without avoiding just about everything you love. If you try to do a diet that makes you stop eating all those foods you enjoy, you are more than likely going to rebel against the diet and end up gaining weight. You should make dieting as easy as possible and the rules here today can help you with this.

Perfectly Portioned Plates

preview-full-vegetable-mixWith most diets, you are going to be told to count every calorie and that can become very complicated. The best diet will tell you that you don’t need to count all your calories. The main focus should be on creating perfectly portioned plates. The food that you put on your plate should be nutritious. You should even add fat-burning foods to your plate. Think about what you put onto your plate. Are the foods healthy? Are they nutritious? If so, you have created a perfectly portioned plate. This is what you need to do for every meal you have.

Eating Your Vegetables First

If you are trying to diet the easy way, you should be sure you are eating your vegetables on the plate before the other food. When preparing your plate, half to the plate should have vegetables on it. The green vegetables are the healthiest and most nutritious for you. Some of the best vegetables to put on your plate include steamed carrots, baby spinach, snap peas and grilled asparagus. The vegetables will help you get more fiber in your diet. This helps your digestive system to work better so you don’t hold in as much fat. It also helps you to stay full for a longer time so you don’t eat more than you need to throughout the day. If you aren’t a huge fan of vegetables, grill them and it will be guaranteed that you will like at least one of them. You can also steam them or eat them raw.

Eating the Lean Proteins

preview-lightbox-Protein-foods-770x472You should also be adding lean proteins onto your perfectly portioned plate. These kinds of proteins should take up about one-quarter of your plate. You should have foods such as wild caught salmon, organic chicken, whole eggs, trout, tilapia and organic turkey. These are all excellent sources of lean proteins that will help you with weight loss. If you don’t eat meat, you can substitute those foods just mentioned for fermented tofu, soaked beans or protein powders. You need to have the lean proteins on your plate to keep you feeling full for longer. That way you won’t be half way to your next meal and thinking that you are already hungry. Eating the lean proteins also helps to spike your metabolism so you can lose more weight as well. To meet the recommendations for the perfectly portioned plate, you should have approximately six ounces of lean protein on the plate.

Slow Processing Carbohydrates

The last part of your plate should be with slow processing carbohydrates. These are digested slowly in your system. Not every carbohydrate is the same as the next one. Your body may take a longer time to break down berries since those carbohydrates are slower acting. However, your body may process grains, bread and rice much quicker since those are fast-acting carbohydrates. Most of the carbohydrates you take in should be slow processing.

If you truly want to diet and lose weight, make sure you are making perfectly portioned plates. You should have half of your plate filled with vegetables, one quarter with lean proteins and one quarter with slow processing carbohydrates. From this point on, you are going to have an easier time dieting. There should not have to be calorie counting as long as you are eating healthy and nutritious meals. Now that you know how to create the perfectly filled plate, you can start losing more weight.

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