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Make Your Sex Appeal Noticeable Starting Right Now

by menshealthlist
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You have sex appeal. Everybody has it. It is just a matter of making it noticeable and showing it right now. You need the best tips for increasing your sex appeal and you will find that right here. When you make your sex appeal powerful but not overly strong, you will be the center of many woman’s eyes. You will also feel greater about yourself and have more self-confidence as well. Before you can truly increase your sex appeal, you need to know what it is. Many men have it confused for just being sexy. Sex appeal is your ability to attract women and make them want you. It is not just your physical looks but how you act as well. If you already have a great body, that is awesome. However, many women think hot men are jerks so you need to show that you aren’t one of those guys.

Learning to Dress Better

How-to-Make-Yourself-Irresistible-to-WomenOne of the first ways to increase your sex appeal is to learn to dress better. Your sex appeal does have a lot to do with how you look. However, it is not just your body. You need to dress properly as well. You need to look your greatest at all times. If you have sagging pants and baggy clothes, you may want to think about changing the way you dress. You may not need a complete makeover but you may want to speak with a fashion consultant or even ask the employees at a nice men’s clothing shop.

Get Into Shape

shutterstock_552196252If you don’t already have a great looking body, you may need to get into shape. Lifting weights, doing cardio and doing some higher intensity training will help you get into shape. You need to tone up your legs, get great abs and maybe get rid of some extra weight. If you want to bring those women coming to you, this is helpful. You don’t need to look like a bodybuilder but getting into somewhat of a good shape will be a plus on your end.

Find Your Glow

Yes, men have a glow too. This is usually found by making sure to keep up on your grooming. You don’t need to have bedhead hair or streaks in your hair. You may think that looks great on famous models but on men who walk the streets, women don’t generally like this. You should also get enough sleep and eat well to make your skin glow as well. You can also find your glow by feeling better about your life. When you feel good, you look good.


There are way too many men who go overboard on their cologne and there are way too many who don’t use it at all. You need to find that middle ground. You need to remember that you should smell good but you should be overpowering. Women want to be able to smell you and think “wow he smells amazing”.

Improving Your Self-Confidence

Another way you can increase your sex appeal in a noticeable way is to build up your self-confidence. Generally, if men aren’t confident in themselves, women are going to see them as weak or shy. While shy guys sometimes come out on the top, it takes a lot longer. If you have self-confidence and you are walking down the street, women are more likely to look at you and think “that man has it and I want him”.

Use Eye Contact

If you want to increase your sex appeal, you need to use eye contact. You need to hold your gaze with the women you are interested in. You don’t need to stare at her but gaze at her long enough for her to notice you. If she smiles, winks or gazes back at you, you are in her sights and on the right track.

Be Calm and Graceful

Whenever you are going anywhere, you should be calm and graceful. If a woman sees that you have anger issues or that you don’t handle being told no well, they aren’t going to like you. They need to know that you can hold your composure and handle things with grace. Show them that you are that man who can do this.

These are some of the best ways to make your sex appeal noticeable staring right now! Use these tips to start getting the women coming to you.

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