Mastermind by Apex Vitality – Is it worth investing time, effort and money?

It is no use buying something just because the appearance and the name makes the product seem legitimate. You must be able to read the contents label and figure out if the ingredients and the small print is any good. But do you actually have time to go around reading all the different available formulas of the numerous brands all day long? Didn’t think so . . . With the reviews that we provide you can save the time and effort of having to go through the hassle of having to learn about natural herbs from scratch! You can have access to all you need to know with regards to remedies and understand their comparisons by basing them on the facts.

Improve performance

Product overview 

One supplement available today is Apex Vitality Mastermind – an enhancement specially designed to help the cognitive functions and improve levels of energy. By enhancing the brain and optimising its performance you are also said to experience more frequent lucid dreams. Based in South Nampa, IS this company is American and claim that by using this particular product an individual will “discover a personal meaning to life” as well as help a person to overcome their fears and phobias.

What are the ingredients used?

Mastermind by Apex Vitality - IngredientsThis particular formula contains the following substances: bacopa monnieri, alpha GPC, huperzine A, vinpocetine, and l-tyrosine. For improving the memory, there are several substances including: Bacopa monnieri, Huperzine A and L-tyrosine. The first is solely said to improve the memory but Huperzine A is also specifically known to help treat the effects of Alzheimer’s disease. To allow you to think clearer, the substance Vinpocetine should work on improving concentration and focus.  As well as improving short and long term memory is L-tyrosine which is also used to boost mental performance.  There should be no dodgy side effects occur from taking this product. However, there have been complaints of minor digestive distress and alpha GPC has been previously linked to causing dizziness, skin rash, and confusion.


After a week of taking this natural remedy, you should feel and notice obvious results. However, the price is not cheap and you must also fork out for shipping expenses (and that is if you are lucky enough to find a retailer willing to sell this product!) Due to the large number of complaints, bad feedback and reviews it has been a struggle to pin down a merchant.

The said price is supposed to be:

1 Bottle: $53.98
2 Bottles: $69.98
3 Bottles: $86.97

To conclude

When buying supplements you want something that is 100% safe to consume, a trustworthy manufacturer and the best formula as well as price. You can get all of this and more with Optimal Omega or Brain Gain which only charge an amazing $19.95 per bottle and offer you the extra reassurance of a money back guarantee if you are not to be satisfied with the results!