NitroGenix 365 Review – The Muscle Building Supplement You’ve Been Waiting For

The last muscle building supplement you’ll ever need

Bodybuilding can be pretty intimidating, especially if you’re just new to the sport. Whether you’re into working out because you want to reinvent your image, or you just simply want to become stronger, supplements will help you along the way. However, with a plethora of supplements out there, it would be even more intimidating just to pick the one that suits you. In this review, we’ll help you decide which supplement you should get to achieve maximum gains in just a fraction of the time.

NitroGenix 365 isn’t your typical bodybuilding supplement. It’s not a protein powder, not is it a pre-workout punch – it’s a supplement that does one thing – and it does it very well. It increases your blood flow. The importance of blood flow in bodybuilding is often overlooked, but experts and nutritionists agree that blood flow influences bodybuilding more than protein shakes and power bars; it’s probably the only supplement you’ll ever need to get the body you want.

How NitroGenix 365 works:

The blood is the superhighway of your body. It carries oxygen, minerals, and chemicals that your body needs to function well. Without an efficient circulatory system, your body would get easily worn out or tired when you work out. An impaired blood flow due to occlusion or stenosis is one of the top causes of muscle weakness. The muscles do not get the right amount of nutrients that it needs to sustain physical activity, so it shuts down by releasing chemicals that signal the feeling of exhaustion.


At the core of NitroGenix 365 is a semi-essential amino acid that is extremely important in bodybuilding. L-Arginine is an amino acid that is commonly absorbed in meat and several other sources, and its primary function is to make the smooth muscles in your arteries relax to make your blood vessels dilate. Through dilation, your arteries can accommodate more blood flow, which increases the amount of nutrients transported and absorbed by your muscles, further increasing strength, stamina, and intensity.

NitroGenix 365 contains two types of L-Arginine, namely:

  • A-AKG – Arginine Alpha Ketoglutarate
  • A-KIC – Arginine Ketoiscaporate

These two forms of Arginine are absorbed separately to deliver a consistent increased blood flow to your muscles to speed up muscle recovery on your off-days.

NitroGenix 365 also contains Glutamine Alpha Ketoglutarate, which speeds up muscle tissue growth by maximizing protein synthesis, and Ornithine Alpha Ketoglutarate, which acts as an ergogenic to speed up muscle growth.


NitroGenix 365 simply outperforms other supplements that target vascularity. In several review aggregate website, NitroGenix 365 is considered as one of the best muscle building supplements available today – if not, the best that we currently have. Having supplements like NitroGenix 365 is like a breath of fresh air in a market that is dominated by useless powders. NitroGenix 365 is all you need to increase strength, stamina, and muscle recovery. Take NitroGenix 365 once a day so you can perform more frequent, intense workouts.