Organic Prostate Tea Review Are the claims true?

Organic Prostate Tea Outline

The Traditional Medicinals company makes a Prostate Tea which it says is produced from all organic plants and it marketed to support the prostate in aging men. It is a certified organic product and has the CCOF stamp of approval on its label. There is no caffeine in the formula and the central component is Stinging Nettle. It was used as medicine in ancient times and frequently is a key ingredient in health supplements for gentlemen. This business was established in the mid-70s and has more than four full decades of herbal manufacturing experience. Traditional Medicinals claims that their tea blend of natural properties delivers many health beneficial compounds to guys to maintain their aging prostate. They also advertise that it contains roasted and spicy organic herbs for an interesting flavor.

Organic Prostate Tea Ingredients and Actions

Support the prostate

Stinging Nettle is an ancient folk remedy found in at least 50% of male health supplements. It streamlines lower urinary tract health and diminishes enlargement of the prostate. Patients have recounted that it eases the pain level of urination. The scientific world has been talking about dandelion root because it was discovered it can attack cancer cells with aggression, even those that are aid to be chemotherapy immune. Compounds in dandelions reduce inflammation and elevate urinary flow. An ancient Ayurvedic remedy known as cardamom seed has been found to possess an extremely potent anti-oxidant by modern day scientists. It enriches the health of the kidneys and bladder. Holistic physicians frequently recommend it to patients diagnosed with kidney or gall stones. Breadfruit, or Breadnut, is not a real nut. It is comparable to a fig and offers high levels of vitamin A as well as vitamin C. A compound called histidine is found in it and is reported to enliven the libido, soothe pain, and promote blood flow by dilating arteries.

The company says to drink a cup of tea three times every day.

Organic Prostate Tea Advantages and Disadvantages

Organic Prostate Tea - Ingredients

Organic Prostate Tea Advantages

One package contains 16 tea bags and is relatively cheap.

Consumers who purchase more than $45 from the Traditional Medicinals website get shipping free.

This manufacturer has amassed more than 40 years of knowledge about herbal blending.

The state of California has placed their certified organic seal on the label.

Organic Prostate Tea Disadvantages

There seems to be a shortage of user feedback posts on the web.

Guys must buy a total of six boxes for every month to follow the suggested dosage.

Drinking the recommended dosage is a pricey commitment.

The company has not included any extra minerals or vitamins and there are only four components in the recipes.

Order Spot

There is a wide selection of supplement websites that offer this tea for approximately $5 including Some of them give a discount to customers who order more than one box. To obtain a 30-day supply customers have to order 6 boxes.

End Vote

While there are some positive points to drinking this tea, it does not appear to be the wisest of purchases. It is expensive for consumers to commit to the dosage they are told to follow and there is a large shortage of customer feedback.