Our Tengenix Review – 10 Reasons to Try TenGenix

Our male enhancement supplement experts have it all for you as we take TenGenix under the microscope in our TenGenix review

TenGenix Overview

Hardly anything is surprising anymore in the male enhancement supplement industry, but every now and then, we get treated to a whole new product that changes the way men think about male enhancement supplements. In the recent weeks, we’ve been following the rapidly rising popularity of a new brand – TenGenix, a revolutionary male enhancement supplement that promises to give you the ultimate experience from a male enhancement pill.

Bottle of TenGenix PillsFor starters, TenGenix is a penis enlargement pill more than anything else. The key benefits are Penis enlargement, libido enhancement, and sexual stamina. Based on our experience with male
enhancement supplements, these three major factors are hard to come by in just a simple pill. Anyone who’s worth their salt in the supplement industry know that the formulation has to be special to achieve penis enlargement, let alone libido enhancement and sexual stamina – but TenGenix claims to have found a way to make it all come together in just one formula that works on all three.

We have extensively studied TenGenix based on the information available online, including news, reports, user reviews, forum discussions, and their product website. Our findings were enough to strike our own curiosity that we had to test the product for ourselves. We found TenGenix to be absolutely impressive.

10 reasons to buy TenGenix. Check them out:

TenGenix is a combination of technologies to achieve the best result

TenGenix has done a great job of outlining the key information that you need to know about the product. The concept for TenGenix is made available on their website for everyone to see. All the patents, clinical studies could all be traced back to legitimate sources, including Google and NCBI (National Center for Biotechnology Information). TenGenix did not use a single approach to penis enlargement. Rather, it used a combination of various approaches including time delay and supplement stacking to make penis enlargement possible.

TenGenix contains Tongkat Ali

Sex While Using TenGenix

This could be you right now

Tongkatali is one of the most potent male enhancement supplement ingredients available today. Two decades ago, Tongkat Ali was heralded as the only alternative to Viagra. Today, Viagra has dozens of competitors, yet Tongkat Ali remains to be one of the top choices for all-natural male enhancement. Tongkat Ali fulfils three critical roles in the TenGenix formula. The penis enlargement benefit of TenGenix is made possible by combining Tongkat Ali with potent vasodilators such as L-Arginine to increase the volume of blood that flows to the penis. Apart from the contribution of Tongkat Ali to penis enlargement, Tongkat Ali also increases testosterone levels, and it also improves sexual stamina with its ability to block free calcium in the body, which makes the penis flaccid.

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TenGenix is 100% safe to take

Unlike other male enhancement supplements that are laced with illegal prescription drugs, TenGenix is 100% safe. One of the most common questions we get from our readers is their concern over the safety of TenGenix. Since TenGenix is created with all-natural ingredients, the side effects are almost non-existent. Still, with any product taken orally, there is always a chance for the person to experience side effects such as allergic reactions and drug interactions, but so far, with TenGenix, we have not encountered any report or complaint in which the user claimed to have a negative experience with TenGenix.

TenGenix REALISTICALLY makes your penis bigger.

If you have encountered any product which suggests that their formula can make your penis bigger in just one dose – forget about it. Go for the real products that promise you something realistic, such as TenGenix. While making your penis a lot bigger in just one dose may be appealing, it’s not possible. TenGenix promises to deliver a significant increase in your penis size with consistent use. With TenGenix, you could expect an increase in penis size in just 15 days of consistently taking TenGenix. The idea is to make your penile chambers develop and adapt to the increased volume of blood caused by vasodilators and PDE-5 inhibitors. As your penile chambers expand, so do the size of your penis. This process cannot happen overnight, but you can count on it to happen in just a few weeks of taking TenGenix regularly.
TenGenix Male Enhancement Label

TenGenix is not all about libido

The trend with male enhancement supplement products is all about adding aphrodisiacs to the blend. While aphrodisiacs are good to increase the user’s sexual desire, it does not take care of the other sexual health needs of men. Erectile dysfunction caused by occlusion and stenosis cannot be fixed by taking a boatload of aphrodisiacs. Premature ejaculation may even be a greater risk if you overload on aphrodisiacs. TenGenix balances its ingredients by making sure that the ingredients improve your libido just right so you can improve your sexual performance. TenGenix also provides you with ingredients that balance your hormones to make you last longer in bed.

TenGenix helps with pheromones

Pheromones are odorless chemical signals that are picked up by our sense of smell to help with sexual attraction. Pheromones are like little matchmakers that make you more attractive to the opposite sex. Other male enhancement supplements pay little attention to pheromones, but pheromones do more than what people think. The attraction caused by pheromones help with your partner’s libido more than any drug could do, and with the presumptive increase in libido, so would you and your partner’s sexual satisfaction. The ingredients of TenGenix helps with the natural process of producing pheromones to help users with physical attraction.

TenGenix is extensively tested before its release

A few months back, we got wind of a new product that is being offered for testing. Select individuals in the industry Order TenGenix Nowand customers were given the chance to sample TenGenix to see how the product works in actual applications. TenGenix received an impressive positive response from their test group, which triggered all the stuff you see about TenGenix online. TenGenix was not only tested for its formula. Users and critics agree that TenGenix is the ultimate male enhancement pill today.

TenGenix helps you achieve multiple orgasms

If you believe that only women are capable of achieving multiple orgasms, then you are in for a treat. The reason why men are not capable of achieving multiple orgasms is because of the refractory period, or the rest period in between orgasms, which makes a man’s libido plummet.  The refractory period gets longer as you age, and this is controlled by two chemicals in your brain called Oxytocin and Prolactin. The Maca Root component of TenGenix inhibits these neurotransmitters, which basically enable men to gain full control over their orgasms.

TenGenix helps you achieve multiple orgasms EVERY TIME!

TenGenix is affordable

With all of the benefits outlined by TenGenix, how much would you be willing to spend on one pill? $15? $10? $5? It’s not even close. Unlike other companies that charge a premium price for pills that do not work as effectively, TenGenix is priced affordably at just a little over a dollar per dose. More affordable pricing options could be made if you purchase in bulk, in which the price could go down to as low as just $0.40 per dose.

30-day money back guarantee

Based on our experience, only the most confident brands offer a money back guarantee on their product, and TenGenix is one of them. TenGenix offers all of its customers a 30-day money back guarantee on initial purchases made through their website. The customer has a full month to evaluate if TenGenix works for them or not. If TenGenix fails to meet your expectations as a customer, you are free to call their friendly customer care hotline to ask for a refund. Unlike other companies that make you jump through hoops just to get your money back, the TenGenix support team makes the whole process a lot simpler. Although you may never really need to ask for a refund, it’s always helpful to know that you have a safety net in case you regret your purchase.

TenGenix is really one of the best products that we have seen in a while – and we’ve reviewed a lot of products at that. We’re not an easy bunch to impress, and yet with TenGenix, we all agree that this is definitely something to watch out for. TenGenix may be a new product in the market today, but give it a few months and it will dominate the male enhancement supplement market.
If you want to experience the real deal, go and order your first bottle of TenGenix. You have our word that you won’t regret it. After all, it’s a risk free purchase. Experience TenGenix for yourself today. Visit their website at www.tengenix.com and order your first bottle of TenGenix today! 
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