Pro Testosterone Review: Is it worth it?

Pro Testosterone Analysis

Pro Testosterone is a body building supplement which may offer added benefits. The formula is marketed for those looking to build lean body mass; enhance testosterone levels; and maximize recovery.

If it works, Pro Testosterone offers a wide range of benefits for endurance trainers and body builders. It could amplify muscle mass while improving hard earned gains. The formula is said to improve stamina; push endurance further; and boost energy levels.

Being a testosterone promoting supplement the company claims it will increase testosterone levels while kicking up metabolism. This should result in those in a higher degree of endurance and the stamina of a work horse as well as decreased time for recovery.

The ingredients are said to specifically promote the synthesis of protein which is to result in the advancement of lean body mass. In addition to these gym benefits, Pro Testosterone says that it enhances all of these attributes in the bedroom too. Let us take a look at the facts.

Pro Testosterone: Properties and Functions


Calcium has been included in this formula to assist in the facilitation of creatine and amino acid transport.

The extract of the adaptogenic herb Rhodiola enhances user response to increases in stress. It also increases energy levels; spurs endurance; and acts to balance hormones.

Ginkgo Biloba is often included in brain boosting supplements due to its positive actions on cognition. It is responsible for cell nutrient delivery as well as promotes enhanced circulation.

Boron Citrate enhances the levels of steroidal hormones like testosterone and boosts vitamin D while working to decrease bad cholesterol.

Devil’s Weed, or Terrestris Tribulus, is a popular additive in male enhancing supplements because it kicks the production of testosterone into high gear.

Positive and Negative Elements of Pro Testosterone


Positive Elements of Pro Testosterone

There is an abundance of excellent feedback from consumers concerning the effects of Pro Testosterone.

The makers of this testosterone boosting supplement offer a money back guarantee for those not satisfied.

This supplement falls into the lower price category when compared to others of its kind.

Negative Elements of Pro Testosterone

Pro Testosterone in not widely available; is not offered in stores; and its purchase is limited to only a couple of websites.

It appears that no clinical trials have been conducted on this specific formula.

There is some dissatisfied feedback among the reviews for Pro Testosterone.

Purchase Location

Consumers may order this supplement from the It is available as three purchase methods.

1 Bottle at 30 Units – $49.95

3 Bottles at 30 Unites Each – $79.85

6 Bottles at 30 Unites Each – $119.70

Bottom Line

There are more positive than negative reviews from Pro Testosterone users on the internet. This formula costs a bit less than others in its class and multi bottle purchases receive a notable discount. The makers also offer full reimbursement to those who are unhappy with the product. The ingredients in this formula have been studied and found effective for these specific claims. All of this points to giving Pro Testosterone its day in court.