Procera AVH: Is the product safe and effective?

There comes a point in life when you become tired of feeling old and like age is getting the better of you – and why should it?Today you have a choice . . . You can rid yourself of unwanted problems caused by changes such as old age, stress and anything of like that affects our day to day emotions and physical strength. Supplements are a fantastic way to beat away deficiencies and unnecessary illness. This is the holistic approach which is far better than consuming countless chemicals that the doctor can only prescribe to you.


 Brain Gain

A clinically proven formula that makes up Procera AVH creates a brain enhancement supplement that involves only natural ingredients. Instead of being prescribed various different medications which contain man made chemicals, you can opt to try this alternative which is said to act fast on restoring memory.Within thirty minutes of consumption, up to twenty years of memory is said to be fully restored, concentration and focus improved, enhanced learning abilities, mental clarification, and vigor – are all positively impacted.Once the brain cells which were tired have become energized, the metabolism of the brain is nourished by the fresh supply of nutrients and vitamins provided by this product.

What are the ingredients?

Acetyl L-Carnitine

Three elements that are the most important components and are the reason this product title is ‘AVH’ are Acetyl L-Carnitine, Vinpocetine, and Huperzine.Each of these is all-natural organic extracts believed to be safe and have been tested in a lab by the company to ensure that they do indeed, have a positive effect on the brain and induce better concentration through a decent distribution of blood.As you can see the product is stimulant-free which is another advantage – there are no side effects reported in relation to the named substances.The studies showed evidence that Acetyl L-Carnitine can improve the cognitive functions of the brain, increasing its capacity and performance, preventing terrible disease such as Alzheimer’s.Taken from the Periwinkle plant you have Vinpocetine known to solve issues like memory loss or any other damage to concentration. Problems like these are fixed by an increase of oxygen and a generous blood flow.Acting as an inhibitor, Huperzine is added so that the brain can block its activities which generate an increase in the enzyme Acetyl cholinesterase to remove from the synapse acetylcholine and protects the brain from substances like calcium which are free.It is not recommended to take these pills on an empty stomach – it is better to ensure you eat first.


For roughly a two month supply, you are looking at paying $35.99 which includes sixty capsules that you need to take three per day. This is not the cheapest option but they do offer a money back guarantee if you do find that you are not satisfied.


This product is by far one of the best one the market today, however – it is ‘the best.’ Brain Gain is the leading brand and number one choice in brain enhancement supplements that are available. Find it retailed at an amazingly fair price of just $19.95, also clinically tested and natural ingredients.