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Prost-P10x Review: Is it a scam?

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Prost-P10x Review: Is it a scam?

Prost-P10x Analysis

Prost-P10x is a supplement created by a company named Prostate Research Labs to promote urinary tract and prostate health. The prostate is a tremendously significant organ of the body and is responsible for many imperative functions. Most men do not even think their prostate until they are at least in the 40s. Something that should be a priority in all men’s lives is proactively caring for their prostate. Prostate Research Labs boasts that their supplement recipe is more potent others on the market. They claim that Prost-P10x shields the prostate from numerous disorders while reversing free radical damage.

Prost-P10x Components and Functions

Prostate health

Graminex pollen extract is reported to relieve urinary pain and decrease inflammation in the prostate. It can aid in remedying the many symptoms of BPH and calm the urethra allowing urine to flow better. Stinging Nettle promotes the health of the lower urinary tract system and relieves prostate inflammation. Many also say that it soothes pain from urinating. Quercetin dehydrate incites the release of specific histamines and a handful of other anti-inflammatory functions. It is usually suggested for non-bacterial types of prostatitis. A curcumin molecule called meriva curcumin phytosome is most readily absorbable form that can be taken orally. This version provides more efficient delivery and of properties that ease urinary symptoms of prostate disease. Green tea can also offer assistance of urinary difficulties that often accompany prostate disorders and delivers super potent anti-oxidants. It is thought to retard the aggression of carcinoma and prevent its development in the prostate. Cranberry juice is tried and true kidney and bladder aid that flushes potentially harmful bacteria from the urinary tract. Sterols are said to be fatty substances obtained from a variety of plant forms. They reduce cholesterol and correct the inability to void the bladder while promoting its free flow. Botanical sterols decrease inflammation of the prostate and block the manufacture of dihydrotestosterone which is believed to be the culprit behind its continued growth.

One packet of Prost-P10x should be consumed each day with food and water.

Prost-P10x Upsides and Downsides

Prost-P10x - Ingredients

Prost-P10x Upsides

There many excellent user experiences across the web.

Prost-P10x is made from completely natural botanicals.

The blend was designed by a physician.

Research trials have proven every component as effective.

Prostate Research Labs provides a money back guarantee to dissatisfied consumers.

Prost-P10x Downsides

Consumers must take six capsules at once every day.

This supplement is a very expensive prostate support solution.

The completed formula in Prost-P10x has never been scientifically tried.

There are bad reviews which talk about it doing nothing or making the urinary symptoms worse.

Purchase Location

Consumers have many choices for ordering Prost-P10x from the web. It is carried by any number of supplement sites as well as Amazon and prostateresearchlabs.com. One box is $80 and contains 30 one a day packets of six capsules each.

Final Vote

There are great studies on the efficacy of each ingredient, but numerous complaints about the use of the complete formula. It is very high in the price spectrum and would be expensive offering only support as it is not a proven cure.

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