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Reviewing the Safety and Efficiency of Capsiplex

by menshealthlist

Introducing Capsiplex

This weight loss product was initially made public in the United Kingdom, but its presence has now reached United States. Capsiplex is asserted to rouse your metabolism and further facilitate in the torching of about 278 more calories. Moreover, the company behind this product says that Capsiplex’s potent capsicum extract underwent scientific study and testing and was shown to torch 12 times more fat, so that you achieve your weight loss goals faster and easier.

Effective weight loss is not only shedding pounds, but being able to maintain a healthy weight. Is Capsiplex the kind of product that can live up to its promise?

Understanding How the Product Function


Basically, Capsiplex has Capsaicinoids. These are a group of compounds that is responsible for the heat in hot peppers. Consumption of such compounds could aid in getting several positive weight loss effects as there’s an improved metabolism, decrease hunger or food cravings and significant reduction in the body mass and fat.

Also, the company claims that the components in Capsiplex are from natural sources. This includes the Capsicum Extract, Caffeine, Black Pepper Extract, and Niacin. They’re also claimed to have been illustrated to torch thrice more calories before workouts, 3 percent more calories during workouts and 12 times more calories after workouts lasting for an hour. As a result, dieters could torch 278 more calories collectively. This is like losing calories that you get from a hamburger, a slice of cheese pizza, or two chocolate chip cookies.

In achieving this, the product is said to have a potent formulation made up of active ingredients that work hand in hand to obtain positive weight loss results. This formula contains trademarked excipients and coatings like the inert core and a non-irritating outer core to deliver optimal advantages associated with the use of Capsaicinoids. On the other hand, the said coatings guarantee that the supplement is transported through the stomach, so the extract is released into the intestines. With this, any forms of oral or gastric irritation is lessened.

Furthermore, Capsiplex’s manufacturer asserts that the weight loss supplement is harmless despite its claimed effects of boosted metabolism and its said capacity to torch more calories.

Capsiplex Cost & Money-Back Guarantee

The weight loss product can be purchased through the following selections:

1-Month Supply: $50.17

2-Month Supply: $90.30

1 Month Supply + 1 Bottle of 5-HTP: $71.91

2 Month Supply + 2 Bottles of 5-HTP: $130.39

3 Month Supply + 1 Bottle of 5-HTP: $150.50

5 Month Supply + 2 Bottles of 5-HTP: $250.84

When you’ve reached the checkout, you will also be offered to buy the Capsiplex Appetite Suppressant. The costs are as follows:

180 Capsules: $58.53

360 Capsules: $98.61

In any case, you will certainly get Dr. Albert’s Fast Track Formula for any option you choose. This formula makes use of alternating day calorie constraint for shedding pounds, obtaining energy, boosting stamina, and enhancing mental functions, among others.

This particular product is offered with a 60-day refund, less S&H fees. To ask for a refund, call the customer service at 888-761-9269.

Customer Reviews/Feedbacks/Testimonials

In general, this product seems to receive varying online reviews with the positive feedbacks focused on its ability to increase weight loss effects and boost energy levels.

The negative feedbacks, meanwhile, are about its inefficiency, side effects like stomach discomfort, heartburn, skin redness and its steep cost.

Bottom Line: Is Capsiplex the Real Deal?

In order to determine its true value, keep the following aspects in high consideration before proceeding into buying this weight loss product:

Clinical Studies/Trials Performed


Despite the company’s assertions of clinical evidence backing up their claims of weight loss and other health benefits, bear in mind that they’re only referring to the ingredient Capsicum Extract and not Capsiplex itself. Plus, there are no links provided to show these said clinical studies conducted.

On the other hand, Supplement View said that capsaicin has been illustrated to modestly aid in the boosting of the metabolism among individuals who are sticking on a low-calorie diet. Of course, the site also highlighted that proper nutrition and regular exercise are still the greatest way to achieve weight loss. That is why products like Capsiplex can be considered some sort of supplementation, something that can help in addition to proper diet and exercise, but never a magic or miracle in weight loss achievement, because there’s no such thing. As mentioned, there are no easy ways and there are no shortcuts. Besides, as soon as you lose the weight, you will need to maintain it; and the only way to maintain a healthy weight is also through eating the right foods and exercising on a regular basis.

Steep Cost and its Problematic Worth

Its high cost is not justified by its limited benefits, if there’s any. With this, if you’re thinking of trying the ingredient capsaicin to help you achieve weight loss, you can do so by choosing a generic product from your local drug store. This way, you may experience the same benefits as with Capsiplex, but for a much lower cost. In case it doesn’t work, at least you didn’t pay a lot for it.

Final Recommendation

The capsaicin in Capsiplex may do something useful in some people to modestly increase their metabolism, thus, their chance of losing weight, but it is still important to keep in mind that proper nutrition and regular workout are still the most efficient methods to see healthy and permanent results. Weight loss supplements don’t work solely. That’s why they’re called ‘supplements’. It still depends on how motivated and disciplined you are to change your ways in order to lose weight. Given this, you might be keener to check local health stores near you to see if they have any generic products containing capsaicin. This is financially wiser than investing to a product that’s very costly and lacks clinical evidence to back up its weight loss claims.

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