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Reviewing the Safety & Efficiency of Nuvigil

by menshealthlist

Nuvigil Overview

There are manufacturers that make products to help us become more prolific with our daily tasks. Some make products for the sole purpose of entertainment. Others, such as Nuvigil, are formulated to help you remain conscious.

Before you roll your eyes, consider the information given by Nuvigil’s official site. According to this data, 1 in 4 of 15 million Americans who are employed outside of the standard 9-5 work schedule struggle with Shift Work Disorder (SWD). Million more struggles with other kinds of Excessive Sleepiness disorders, such as Obstructive Sleep Apnea and Narcolepsy. But if you’re sick of being like this, especially when you shouldn’t because you’re on your shift, Nuvigil is claimed to be the fit solution. In fact, Nuvigil is said to an FDA-approved prescription drug that has the potency to help you stay awake.

The Claimed Benefits of Taking Nuvigil

preview-full-shutterstock_562289344As mentioned, the main feature and benefit you can get from Nuvigil is the ability to remain conscious. But its manufacturer touts that aside from helping you stay awake, Nuvigil can also deliver other health gains on the side. These are:

Enhanced concentration and overall functions, specifically when working

Better mood

Reduced symptoms of medical issues associated with heart disease, high blood pressure, irregular heart rhythm, Type 2 diabetes and bariatric conditions

Reduced weight and stable BMI

Decreased bad temper and better social relations

Nuvigil’s company insists that despite the several claimed health gains, the product will not interfere with your sleep during your own sleeping hours. On clinical tests conducted, only less than 2% encountered this issue.

On the other hand, the company says that their product has been shown to be effectual in clinical tests by utilizing the Multiple Sleep Latency Test (MSLT). For the duration of the tests, participants who consumed Nuvigil are said to have encountered a substantial boost in alertness throughout their shifts when measured to the participants who only took a sugar pill (placebo).

Proper Usage of Nuvigil

The product is offered in the following dosages: 50mg, 150mg and 250mg. The dose which your physician will advise you to take will depend on your case.

If you struggle with extreme drowsiness because of obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), it is suggested that you consume a single dose in the morning. For people who are experiencing shift work disorder (SWD), the prescribed and proper dosage is one dose to be taken about an hour before starting your work shift.

Nuvigil Cost

Just like many prescription drugs out there, there’s no specific cost for Nuvigil. The price varies greatly and is mainly reliant on the kind of health insurance you’re using.

Still, you can get a free trial by answering an online questionnaire or by contacting the company at 800-896-5855. Also, if you have financial issues, you could probably get Nuvigil reimbursement aid.

If you have no insurance or resource aid, we read one feedback saying that this specific product costs $8-$9 for a pill.

What Users Have to Say?

Nuvigil has been in the market under the name Provigil for many years. The latter was somehow formulated differently.

As for customer reviews discussing Nuvigil, the good feedbacks outweigh the bad ones. Many users have even referred to this medication as something that changed their life.

On the other hand, some of the most typical criticisms from users are the side effects, which are headaches, nausea, vision changes, elevated heart rate and jitters. Also, several patients said that the product’s efficiency reduced with consistent usage. Some even reported that the decreased potency of Nuvigil happened after just a few days. Since this product is categorized as a stimulant, this could also lessen your desire to eat.

Factors that Need Considering

If have difficulty staying awake during your shifts, surely you’re desperate for a solution. And since Nuvigil appears to be one with many positive reviews from patients who have used it, you might want to check it out. But before you do, it is important that you have considered the factors below:

What to Expect & Adverse Reactions

preview-full-shutterstock_524518951Firstly, bear in mind that Nuvigil was not formulated to cure any severe sleepiness disorders; it is just to address their side effects. With this, you should anticipate to make use of this drug alongside with your other prescriptions. Your symptoms will possibly happen again when you quit your Nuvigil intake.

Furthermore, even though Nuvigil’s most usual adverse manifestations are headaches, nausea, dizziness and sleeping problems, this does not necessarily mean that there aren’t other adverse effects you should be cautious about. You should also remember that other side effects can occur, such as severe rashes or other allergic response that may possibly have effects on your liver or blood cells, which could turn out to be fatal and result to hospital confinement. Also, Nuvigil could also lead to hives, sores in the mouth, blisters, inflammation, peeling or having yellowish skin and eyes, as well as difficulty breathing or swallowing, dark urine or fever.

It is necessary that you consult your doctor before taking Nuvigil or any other medications for that matter.

Nuvigil Should Be Used with Caution

This product is not just a medication, it is also a substance controlled by the federal government since users can abuse this drug and lead them to become dependent. Simply put, Nuvigil and its active component armodafinil is a stimulant that can possibly cause addiction that is why it is not recommended as a permanent answer.

Nevertheless, even though it is not habit-forming, as we mentioned earlier, it appears that several users have said that there’s reduced efficacy when they use it continuously, even for just a couple of days. With this, it’s possible that you will have to quit with your intake and then wait for many months to recommence its usage.

Final Verdict

If you’re considering of trying this medication, it is vital that you speak with your doctor firsthand. But even if he/she approves your using of Nuvigil, you still have to keep in mind that there may several adverse effects that you will experience. These could be mild or serious. Although there are many positive reviews online, you should also consider the fact that there are multiple side effects to be expected.  Also, the active component in Nuvigil does not signify a permanent solution to the concern of severe drowsiness. This is due to the fact that the medication is potentially habit forming.

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