Reviewing True Slim Tea


FDA-approved True Slim Tea is good for the digestive system thanks to its natural herbs like Bamboo Leaf. Drinking this regularly can result to better digestive wellness. This means less bloating, less fat deposits, and faster metabolism. You can opt for the regular tea or go for the extra strength tea. True Slim Tea was developed by Li-Si-Zhen. He’s a master herbalist that’s well-known among other herbalists. He’s also recognized for compiling the Encyclopedia of Herbs that helped many other herbalists all over the globe.

What are the ingredients?

Ingredients of True Slim Tea

Natural Oriental Herbs


Product Description

Because it brings positive changes on the digestive system, True Slim Tea can actually be used to sustain one’s weight loss efforts by increasing bowel movements, which results to the cleansing of the colon and eradication of toxins. It is recommended to drink one cup after your meal while it is not prudent to have more than 2 cups. For the regular tea, cost is $4.29 for 30 bags while the extra strength tea costs $2.99 for 12 bags. You can buy this product from the product’s official site at True Slim Tea, as mentioned, is made from herbs.

Good Points

The product was developed by master herbalist Li-Si-Zhen, a well-known person in herbology

There’s a secure payment checkout for safer financial transactions

You can order even if you’re not from the US as delivery is worldwide

There are two kinds of this tea – regular and extra strength

There’s no caffeine, so no jittery feeling

It is not expensive

Bad Points

The information on True Slim Tea is inadequate

Free trials/samples aren’t offered and there isn’t a refund, either

The precise list of ingredients is not on the website

Information on any contraindications is vague

Further data about every single ingredient can be helpful

Final Verdict

Weight loss tea

This herbal blend helps in the weight loss process by promoting digestive wellness. This does so by enhancing your metabolism, cleaning your digestive system, and eradication fat deposits. Additionally, you can choose from either regular or extra strength. Nonetheless, these claims are not clinically supported and there aren’t extensive details to either prove or disprove the product’s assertions.