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Run For It!

by menshealthlist

So, we all know that running is one of the most popular ways to exercise in America, which probably accounts for why so many people do it. But do they know exactly why running or jogging is good for you? Let’s take a closer look at the benefits.

Running uses a lot of energy, and few other sports or activities are more efficient if you want to drop, let’s just say 10 pounds from the waistline. And especially if you include a few extra exercises while running, like suddenly running up a hill, or jumping over low fences. The following list is some of the facts about running and jogging:

  • People who run or jog more than 35 miles a week are 54 % less likely to suffer from age-related vision loss than those who cover 10 miles a week.
  • Runners or joggers who do a weekly run of 10 miles (or more) are 39 % less likely to use high blood pressure medication, and 34 % less likely to need cholesterol medication compared to those who don’t do more than 3 miles.
  • Men who burn at least 3,000 calories per week are 83 % less likely to have severe erectile dysfunction (great to know).
  • Running or jogging will strengthen bones better than other aerobic activities. 63% of the cyclists had low density in their spine or hips; only 19 % of runners and joggers did.
  • Some British workers were surveyed on a day of work out and a day of not. People said they made fewer mistakes, concentrated better, and were more productive on the day they worked out.
  • Insomniacs fell asleep in 17 minutes on days they ran or jogged, compared to 38 minutes on days that they didn’t. They also slept for an extra hour on days that they exercised.
  • People who exercise for an hour a day are 18 % less likely to suffer upper-respiratory-tract infections than those who are inactive. Moderate activity is known to boost your immunity.
  • Researchers had asthmatics do two cardio workouts and one strength session a week. After three months, they reported less wheezing and shortness of breath.
  • A review of 22 studies found that people who work out 2.5 hours a week are 19 % less likely to die prematurely than those who don’t exercise. A separate study found that active people have a 50 % lower risk of premature death.

Running or jogging has to be done the right way, though, or you can suffer from joint pain or other ailments in the long run (no pun intended). If you run the right way, you will normally and automatically lower your shoulders, and use your arms to help pump energy into your running pace and tilt your pelvis a little forward. All of this will raise your head and prolong your spine. When running outside, naturally the sun will sometimes make an appearance and reward you with a healthy glow, to match the new slim and fit you.

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