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The Acne Review: Does Murad Clarifying Cleanser Work??

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The Acne Review: Does Murad Clarifying Cleanser Work??

Product Intro:

We’ve all heard of Murad throughout the years, maybe our mother’s and mother’s mothers had Murad products laying out on the bathroom vanity. Murad Clarifying Cleanser is geared towards consumers who suffer from acne that aren’t looking for an exfoliator or mask, just a basic acne-fighting cleanser to use twice daily to keep acne in check and skin feeling fresh. It works up to a pretty hardy lather to penetrate deep into clogged pored to loosen all of that hardened gunk that builds up over time. After washing away the acne fighting foam, Salyic Acid remains to prevent emerging pimples from rearing their ugly head. Good for teens and adult acne. It is considered an extra-strength formula that should be purchased in a set with Dr. Murad’s entire skin care system to treat the face in a holistic way.

NO parabens, NO sulfates, NO phthalates.

Ingredients of Murad Clarifying Cleanser

The active ingredients in the clarifying cleanser are non-toxic and do not contain any of these damaging ingredients. The main three active ingredients that work to clear complexions are: Salicylic acid, Silver Citrate, Green Tea, & Menthol.

  • Silver Citrate- an anti-bacterial that kills bacteria that works its way into the pores to come back in the form of white heads
  • Salicylic Acid– acne medication that is found in most cleansers to treat existing break outs and stop new ones from forming
  • Green Tea- Stops the redness with an advanced extract that works to soothe the skin, no more perpetual blushing.
  • Menthol- Menthol doesn’t treat the skin, but makes it feel refreshed after each and every wash

The Science Behind Murad

Like any other cleanser, it physically works up into a lather to eliminate and cut grease and grime from the face. The dirt will wash away after rinsing to keep skin clean. Salicylic acid is the key to how Murad works. It continues to release acne medication through out the day or night and works double duty with anti-bacterial power to kill off stubborn germs that can proliferate on the face and spread with each touch.


How to use Murad is pretty straight forward. Wet the face and hands and add a dime sized amount of the product to your palm and rub in an upwards circular motion, applying to the entire face. Rinse completely using warm water and pat face dry.

The Cost:

The one thing about Murad, is that it is quality that you have to pay for. A 6.7 oz bottle is $26 at major beauty retailers and on the Murad website.

Product Pros

  • Stops breakouts
  • Good for every day use
  • Safe
  • eliminates bacteria
  • sustained medicated release


  • price
  • can dry out skin if you are sensitive
  • should be used with entire Murad skin care system to really benefit

Should you purchase Murad Clarifying Cleanser?

Skin care product

Totally, like with any cleanser it may dry you out from the Salicylic Acid and that is why you need to use a good moisturizer after. If you really want to benefit from this cleanser it will cost you. That is the bottom line with Murad products. You should really dedicate to buying the entire skin care system, otherwise you will only be reaping half of the benefits or damaging your skin. The system is designed to balance out the Ph on the surface of your skin to control bacteria levels and keep skin moist.

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