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The Blueprint to a Bigger Lower Body-The Best Exercises for MMA Fighters

by menshealthlist
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No matter what your goals are at the gym as far as your MMA training is concerned, it is in your best interest to first build a good foundation. This starts with first focusing on the lower body, as this is where you’re going to be adding most of your power from whether you are a puncher or a grappler.

Here are the most effective ways in which and MMA fighter tailor their lower body workout to best fit their needs.

1. Go Barefoot

When training for any type of sport or activity, you want your train to best man our whatever activity you’re doing. MMA fights are fought barefoot, so naturally you want to do your training barefoot as well to best mimic these types of scenarios.

This goes for both weight training and cardiovascular training, as being able to walk and run barefoot naturally is going to be an essential aspect to one’s success. This should be the first step you take in solidifying your game, and is something that everyone knew to the sport needs to get down immediately.

2. Deadlifts

guy doing dead lifts in gymDeadlifts are arguably the least favorite exercise someone to do with the gym. That requires the recruitment of many different muscle groups, as well as doing so in a position that many of us are not used to being in.

All in all deadlifts are one of the harness exercises out there to do hence why many people avoid doing so are all costs. With that being said if you want to get the most bang out of your workout it’s in your best interest to make this exercise core one in your routine.

3. Squats

Along with deadlifts, squats are going to be another exercise which you want to regulate include in your lower leg workout. Similarly to the deadlifts the squat acquires a recruitment of multiple muscle groups, making you get more out of the workout for the time you put in.

man doing squats with kettle bellSquats are another exercise that many people avoid because of the potential fear of getting injured during exercise, because of the rather awkward positioning of the bar been draped over the back.

This is no excuse to avoid doing exercise though, as there are other alternative ways and performing without the potential risk of injury to the spine. If you are tentative in doing the exercise that way or are new to doing squats, you can alternatively use dumbbells to perform the exercise while holding them at your side.
This allows you to perform the exercise and the same manner with minimal risk.

4. Lunges/Reverse Lunges

Lenders are another great compound exercise which are going to hit all the muscle groups found within your legs. On other great benefit to lunges here is that you can easily modify them such as with the reverse lunch which can help you target your weaker areas.

Glute muscles, especially for men seem to be a target area as many of them tend to be at least somewhat embarrassed in doing many of the exercise is required to develop the muscles in this region.

Wheat Glute muscles are going to impede your butt question and doing the more difficult compounds exercises such as squats and deadlifts, so make sure to not neglect this muscle group.

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