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The Full Body Superset Workout–The Best Superset Exercises You’re Not Doing

by menshealthlist

The first thing you need to know about supersets is what they are before you can start in the benefits from them. Many people make the mistake of confusing dropsets and supersets. A superset is doing an exercise in addition to the one you’re already doing, where a dropset is where you are just dropping weight but doing the same exercise.

Supersets can be great nested to add versatility to your routine when you hit those peaks and plateau in your gains. Your some of the best exercise combinations you can use to improve your routine.

Dumbbell Shoulder Press/Standing L Raise

The Full Body Superset Workout–The Best Superset Exercises You’re Not DoingThis combination is a great one which manages to hit three heads of the shoulder. Your dumbbell shoulder press is going to mainly hit the anterior deltoid, where your L raise to is going to hit the medial head and posterior head.

If you’re unfamiliar with an L raise, it is simply a combination of a front raise and a side raise. With one arm you’re going to do a front raise, and with the second you’re going to do a side raise, alternating in between repetitions.

Tricep Extensions/Spider Curls

This is another great superset combination which is going to really give your arms a good burn. This exercise is really convenient as well, as it doesn’t require you to change weight or equipment.

The triceps extensions can be performs while lying on your back in an elevated position on your typical bench. You can and flip over onto your stomach to perform your spider curls, which are really going to get your biceps hard due to its huge range of motion involved in this movement.

Bent Over Rows/Bench Press

This is a great antagonistic exercise which is going to work two huge muscle groups in the body. Those being of course the chest, and a large part of our back. Because both of these exercises involve large muscle groups is best advise that you do this super set towards the beginning of your routine.

First start out with bent over rows. This is going to help facilitate blood flow to this region of the body, which as shown to benefit users see in their bench press afterwards.

Not only are you going to get a good pump in your back and chest from doing these two exercises but you’ll definitely feel it in your arms as well. This is because both exercises require a lot of muscle recruitment from the areas over arms as well as our back and chest.

Front Squat/Walking Lunges

This superset is one you’re going to want to save towards the end of your week as it’s going to do murder on your legs the first few times around. The front squat here is going to help you hit pretty much all the muscles in your legs and lower body, while walking oranges is a great exercise to help churn out more work in the same area.

The quadriceps are huge muscle group and one of the biggest in the body so it is important that they get plenty of work as is done here. They’re going to be the primary muscle group helping us power through our front squats, while the walking lunches is a great way to hit the rest of the leg muscles and work on our core stability simultaneously.


The Full Body Superset Workout–The Best Superset Exercises You’re Not Doing

These easy to do body weight exercises that require little equipment to perform are some of the best ones out there to use for supersets. A lapse are going to primarily hit our back, triceps and rear deltoid, where the pushups are going to hit our anterior deltoid, chest and biceps.

These two exercises are going to give us a complete upper body workout, and one that can be useful in many different settings not just at the gym. Many of us travel, have families and have other obligations that prevent us from making it to the gym every day.

An exercise combination like this one that involves only using your body weight and one piece of equipment being a pullup bar makes it convenient as well.

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