Thoughts on ProLatis 2.0

Thoughts on ProLatis 2.0

You may have heard of ProLatis. It was a male enhancement supplement recalled in 2010 that actually did have quite a positive response before the recall. This is an often-found problem in male supplements. They discovered Sildenafil—a derivative of an active ingredient found in Viagra. Since Viagra is only permitted with a prescription because of potential side effects, this is just unacceptable. But many companies still try to get away with it.

prolatis review-surge in my libidoHowever, time passed and the same company released ProLatis 2.0 with new and improved all-natural ingredients. So they said. The ingredients I could find are typical to a male enhancement product. There’s L-Arginine as a Nitric Oxide precursor for relaxing blood vessels. There’s also Horny Goat Weed to increase your libido, which is a great herb that I definitely recommend. Then we have Maca Root Extract which is an aphrodisiac and finally there’s L-Citrulline and Niacin.

This supplement is a very fast-acting enhancement, so you will need to take ProLatis every day to see results. You’ll need to take 2-4 capsules 2 hours before sexual activity and I always suggest starting off with 2 to find out how much you can tolerate before taking larger doses. You’d rather ease into something than jump in and discover that it was too much for your body to handle. Trust me, you don’t want to do that. And you especially don’t want to do that with this product.

Many reviews for ProLatis 2.0 are saying that it doesn’t work at all. They are users of the first formula generally, who claim it worked but this second version does not work. And even more interesting … I discovered that the website is now offline and it appears as though the product has been taken off the market, or at least isn’t being made anymore. There are some online retailers still selling it.prolatis review-maca root extract

Anyway, curiosity got the best of me and I did try ProLatis just for the sake of it. Yes, I did find an increase in my libido, but it wasn’t anything major, but on top of that I had a wonderful migraine that was so horrible I couldn’t even get it to go away no matter what I tried. It was the worst.

So I’m not sure if this product is still in existence or not, but from a personal experience gone wrong, I can’t recommend this to anyone else.

Remember, your health is important and supplements for male enhancement are supposed to make you feel better, not worse. So this is just not acceptable and I can’t honestly recommend this to anyone at all. This review is more of a warning than anything else. There are so many other safe and reputable brands there that you can trust to actually work and not harm you in the process. Not only do I not recommend ProLatis 2.0 but I’m not sure I’d ever try any future products either. Just doesn’t seem worth it to me.